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Carbon Jet by Beau Young - Funboard

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Product Description

The all new Carbon Jet is an incredibly versatile wave catching machine. 

Designed by 2x World Champion, Beau Young; the Carbon Jet is an extremely unique and forgiving shape designed to accommodate a wide variety of surf conditions. The board's fuller outline creates immense speed and flow through rail-to-rail transitions and the extra foam under your chest gets you into waves with ease.

Available in a large variety of sizes this board can be thrown around like a shortboard or ridden like a longboard on the nose with a larger centre fin. The Carbon Jet’s 4+1 configuration allows the rider to set this board up in accordance to the wave conditions or the riders own personal preference.

This board has been years in the making and combines Beau's knowledge of surfboard design and cutting edge carbon infused cloth technology to ensure a superior shape and design. The deck is completely reinforced with carbon infused cloth allowing for amazing flex qualities with extra drive when top-to-bottom surfing.  The bottom concave has been tweaked and refined in this years model, improving water flow, increasing speed and power through turns.

If you are after a one board quiver or that next go to golden board then the Carbon Jet is well worth consideration.

Best suited for Beginners to Experienced users who want increased drive, control and speed


Length Width Thickness Volume
5'6 20  1/4 2  1/4 31L
5'10 20  7/8 2  1/2 37.6L
6'0 21 2 5/8 41.1L
6'4 21  1/2 2  5/8 44.8L
6'10 22 2  3/4 52L


Weight Beginner Intermediate Advanced
< 50KG 6'0 5'10 5'6
50-60KG 6'4 5'10 5'6
60-70KG 6'4 6'0 5'6
70-80KG 6'10 6'0 5'10
80-90KG 6'10 6'4 5'10
90-100KG 6'10 6'4 6'0
100-110KG N/A 6'10 6'4
> 110KG  N/A 6'10 6'10


Specification Description
Construction PU Foam / Carbon strip full deck + 6oz  / 6oz bottom
Rocker Low entry
Concave Single to Double with channel
Skill Level Intermediate/Intermediate - Advanced
Rail Type Soft 40/60
Fin Configuration 4+1 Fin Configuration
Box Single + Twin Tab
Complimentary Fins 2+1 TSBW Starter Fin Set
Tail Type Rounded Square
Care Instructions View a copy of our Product Care Manual
Board Advice Learn more about Board Types, Construction and Specifications here

Product Reviews

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  1. The Carbon Jet looks Fantastic

    Posted by Paul Kaminsky on 8th Oct 2019

    I gave the untried Carbon Jet 4 stars and say that I think it deserves 5 stars.
    The Carbon Jet has a great shape, perfect finish and beautiful overall appearance.
    October 22 will find me at Crescent Head for a few days, where it will hit the surf for the first time. I am sure it will perform great and hope
    that as an elderly returning surfer, the surf and I will be able to do this board justice.
    In 1963, I was one of the first few surfers in Cape Town.
    Starting with a hollow ply and timber frame board, I then designed, shaped and built my own epoxy/Styrofoam boards.
    From my 2nd board on, the length was reduced from the typical 10'6' to 7'6". Easier to transport, handle, ride and much more fun. It also reduced materials.
    Living in cold water Adelaide, I hadn't surfed for over 50 years.
    Then, I hired softboards in warm water Bali and also, a 6ft fish in Broome.
    Having been re-hooked, my lengthy investigations made the 6'10" Beau Young Carbon Jet, the clear winner, for what I believe my old age surfing needs might be. I cant wait for October 22!
    The Surfboard Warehouse crew, especially Nicky, have been incredibly efficient and helpful.
    I ordered the Carbon Jet on a Monday afternoon, after Nicky answered my last few questions. It arrived on the Friday. Amazing service all the way through.
    May you long continue to be successful. The Surfboard Warehouse deserves it.

  2. True to name: the thing moves

    Posted by Mike on 5th Oct 2019

    Arrived in good nick (to Sydney). Looks great and no quality issues after a few surfs. My usual is a 5’11’ (32L) short-board, but I wanted something to take it easy on smaller days. I’m 6’2”, 85kgs. I ended up getting the 6’ CJ. In hindsight I may have gone the 5’10” but regardless I’m very happy with the buy. It does what I hoped it would - more waves with less effort on smaller days. Goes great in the knee to head high range. Gets you in early and carries a heaps of speed. Turns about as well as you could hope for a board this shape and size. It was my first time buying from SW and Id do it again.

  3. Outstanding service and great board

    Posted by Pete on 14th Jun 2019

    To get my new board in a very timely manner and packaged securely was a great start to my journey with this little beauty. Im only a beginner of 5 months and caught my very first wave I went for on my new board. From the moment I paddled out I could tell it was both stable and paddled really well. Love how its so manageable in the surf and seems so stable to catch waves. Im over the moon with the board and just as happy with the great advice i received online and then the follow up delivery of the board. Keep up the good work, Im sure this board will be a big seller.

  4. Great Fun and versatile board

    Posted by Brendan on 25th Mar 2019

    I bought the 6'0 Carbon Jet online and Picked it up from the Tweed warehouse.

    I have now taken it out a few times and the board rides awesome. I am pretty tall and weigh around 85KG, I'm only an intermediate surfer but this board is working really well for me. It is a volume reduction off previous boards I have used, but it still paddles really well and catches waves (both large and small) with ease. Stable and fast underfoot. You can rip it around, but it also trims down the line well.

    Solid construction, no compressions anywhere after a few surfs. This is the 3rd board I have bought from SW and would definitely buy here again.

  5. Great service!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Sep 2018

    Bought the board Thursday, arrived Monday, surfed it Tuesday. Great quality and service!

  6. Awesome

    Posted by Greg on 17th Aug 2018

    Wow it looks awesome unfortunately I haven’t been able to get a wave in yet, But the shape and quality looks like it will go so good thanks guys also Beau for what looks like an unreal board to have in my quiver

  7. Carbon Jet Very Impressed

    Posted by Dan on 30th Jul 2018

    I bought the 6'4" Carbon Jet and have had it out a few times now. Seal Rocks, Boomerang Beach Sydney N beaches and Cronulla. I am 174cm and 85kg. This board is nicely made and looks pretty good. Has good weight and seems to catch about anything from 1.5' to head height with ease and rides very smoothly. Seems to be a bit slow with the supplied 8" centre fin but very stable, so have just bought a few glass fin options to try out. Shapers 5.5" Performance box fin and FCS II 4.78" Performer Performance Core Single Fin. I already had a couple of fcs glass side fins. Love this board. Makes small days fun and 2-4 foot days amazing fun. SBW staff were always helpful with info and option. Purchase was easy, delivery was almost instant. Great experience. This was my second purchase from SBW and I have just received a 6'2" Tajen. Great value products and boards and customer service.

  8. Back to the waves after a long break.

    Posted by Pedro on 14th Apr 2018

    I stopped surfing over 10 years ago. So was in the market for a board ( not a longboard ), read all the reviews, checked out a stack of companies and boards. Chose the Carbon Jet 6'10" and absolutely loving it. Currently surfing it as a single fin. This board rips at the beach breaks ! Very happy. Looking forward to some point breaks.

    Will I buy another board from these guys ? Absolutely.

  9. Versatility plus

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2018

    Ride it like a shortboard on beachies or cruise it like a longboard on point breaks. This is my go to board for most conditions and the fin configuration options help with that. Get one, it's awesome.

  10. What I was looking for

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Feb 2018

    The board is everything that they said it would be.
    Very happy with the service and very happy with the board.
    Thank you.

  11. Versatile all rounder

    Posted by Rowza on 30th Jan 2018

    Was lucky to have my first surf of the new 6'10 carbon jet in peaky, head high, walling lefts (as a natural footer and larger 100kg+ surfer). I was very impressed with the speed generated from takeoff, the ability to handle steep drops (thought it would struggle with the flattish rocker), the speed at which I could glide past difficult sections and the ease at which the board could be turned. I preferred the feeling of the standard fin configuration (single + side stabilisers) over a quad set-up. It is likely to become my all rounder board in most conditions now!

  12. Think Shortboard Not Mini Mal

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Dec 2017

    I’ve been surfing the Carbon Jet in knees high to head high waves. It paddles well, and the flat entry gets into waves easily and across flat sections. Not as good as a nine footer, but definitely better than a fish. With a good set of quads, its fast, turns easily and feels surprisingly light. This morning was about 2 to 3 foot, generally full except near take off and in close to shore. On a Mal you would have been restricted to a couple of cutbacks before flicking off, or on a Fish you would have struggled a bit through the flat sections but you would have still been able to do a few cutbacks and reo’s as well. I got a ridiculous number of waves and had a great session on the Carbon Jet. It’s kind of exciting when a board makes froth.

  13. Fun little Nugget

    Posted by Bob on 12th Dec 2017

    Have taken my C-Jet out a couple times now in 1-2' with a quad set up. She paddles really well, but is a heavy little lady - that 6x6 glassing adds some serious weight to her. Seems to get in on seemingly unmake-able waves fairly easily and glides along quite smoothly. Is a fun option for the summer slop and can't wait to try her out with a single fin plus 2 option. Overall she feels like a really nice curvy little weapon. Yewwww:)

  14. Cruisy Speed

    Posted by Glenn on 27th Oct 2017

    A fun summer board, when its not critical but there is not enough push for your small board. Good in flat sections when you need speed to make the next section in those summer beach breaks
    Turns well, glides off the top, paddles ok. Need a few more surfs to really get a feel of it

  15. Nice looking board

    Posted by Guff on 27th Sep 2017

    The product arrived and the board looks great. I purchased the 6'10" which has the volume I like. I have taken it out in some small waves and it performed well. I wouldn't mind if under the Product Description & Specifications they listed the weight of the board. I felt the board was a lot heavier than I expected which may be an advantage in some conditions, yet to see.

  16. Brilliant!

    Posted by Paul on 11th Sep 2017

    Very happy. My board arrived safe and sound, and quickly. That is not the only thing that is quick. Paddles well, I am getting into waves easier, and on my first wave I was shocked at how quick the board was. The Jet is exactly that... a Jet! Love it.


    Posted by John on 13th Dec 2016

    It ticks all the wont be disappointed with this Jet!
    So easy to get onto the waves and very buoyant but sturdy when paddling.
    Very happy customer!

  18. Too much fun for a Sunday

    Posted by Nathan on 25th Oct 2016

    I am just an average surfer who like most of us just wants more waves, after seeing a bloke out on one recently and quizzing him about the board I jumped online and found these guys, I did my home work and it was ticking all the boxes. I spoke with the guys at SW and that was enough to get the deal done. The board is really well finished and was well packaged for shipping, from the first wave I paddled in to I felt really comfortable on it I stayed out for a couple of hours on it in 2-3 ft bumpy conditions and had a ball, best board I've ridden in a while.
    It does what it says on the tin, thanks guys!

  19. All rounder

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Sep 2016

    At 36 years of age after a 15 year 'break' from surfing I spent 6 months on a 7'8" beginner board before hopping onto this and I absolutely love it. I'm 5'11" and 80kg and decided on a 6'4" given my relatively recent reintroduction to surfing. I know I could definitely go smaller and would advise you to do so if you have more experience than me. Still, I have no regrets with my choice of board or its size because it's just so fun to surf and so versatile. From knee high beachies to 5 foot point breaks (which is about my limit anyway) this thing rocks. It's heaps fast, turns well and is super stable. It's so easy to paddle and catch waves on and it even dives OK for its volume / my weight too (i.e. no dramas getting it through solid 3-4 foot swell). I've mucked around with a few short boards over this past six months but I always come back to this because basically it does pretty much everything I want it to do. It's awesome if you just want to cruise but you can definitely throw up a bit of spray too. It will get airborne and a decent surfer would probably even land on the board. Similarly, it will get into a barrel and a decent surfer would probably even get it out of there again. Thumbs up all around. I'm eyeing off a 6' Zephyr because I want to drop a few Litres, but I'll definitely be hanging onto my Carbon Jet.

  20. How good is this

    Posted by Martin on 11th Aug 2016

    This board is a revelation, I've ridden mals in the past and have been transitioning into shorter boards the last few years .Wanting to be in more critical sections of the wave without feeling like I would snap my board. Had custom boards made which have been ok but this board is electrifying fun, so fast, doesn't get caught in any transitional turns. It does everything with ease, style and tonnes of class. Used it as a thruster , loved it. used it as a quad loved it even more. i am 6ft 87kg and went with the 6ft model which was 4 inches shorter then previous boards. Floats well. Construction of the board and finish is unreal. I am feeling the groove and it feels good. Get one

  21. Unusual and kinda fun

    Posted by Chris on 10th Aug 2016

    Takes a while to get used to. Surfs quite well in mushy conditions of any size. Kinda surfs like a mini-mal with a bit of fish flavour. It's a good addition to the quiver and good to loan to beginners and kids.

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