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​8 things every surfer hates about surfing

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We live and breathe surfing here at The Surfboard Warehouse, but as much as we love this epic sport, there are a few things we really dislike! But don’t worry; we’ve balanced out the list with some positives too!

Let’s see if you agree…

Northerly winds

We’ve had a long run of northerly’s here on east coast, and we know we’re not the only ones who hate these winds! Bring on the southerly’s we say!

Positive: Great if you’re a kite surfer or have to go to work!


These pesky little stingers blow in with the northerly winds every year. Seriously, is there anything worse than duck diving into a face full of bluebottles? They’ve been thick on the Gold Coast of late, and they make that quick surf before work really unpleasant.

Positive: Believe it or not, the bluebottle does have a predator. What would want to eat a bluebottle you ask? The Glaucus altanticus, or Blue Dragon, or Blue Sea Slug, that’s what! They love to eat bluebottles and even eat the tentacles! The Blue Sea Slug is our new favourite animal!

Flat spells

It’s fine having a little downtime between waves, but no one likes a long period of flat surf. There’s nothing more disappointing than waking up day-after-day to no waves.

Positive: It’s a great time to get out on a stand up paddleboard and go exploring your local waterways.

Boardie rash

We all know the telltale walk of a surfer who has severe boardie rash. It’s caused by repeated chafing between your boardies and your skin, and it's no fun at all!

Positive: While it might be irritating for a day or so, with a bit of cream or Vaseline it will be gone in a couple of days.

Snapped surfboards

We’ve all done it, and know how much it sucks!

Positive: While it’s heartbreaking, it’s a great excuse to buy a new board!

Crowds – in and out of the water

You set your alarm for 5am and head to the beach praying you’ve beaten the crowds. Only to struggle to find a car park and paddle out into a swarm of other surfers. Very. Annoying.

Positive: It gives you that added motivation to get in the car and go on a road trip to find some secluded, uncrowded waves down the coast.

Wet wetsuits

We may be months away from wetsuit weather, but it doesn’t make us forget how much we hate pulling on a cold, wet wetsuit in the wintertime.

Positive: If you’ve got a good wetsuit, within a few minutes of paddling around you’re toasty warm again!

Driving past the waves on the way to work

Our hearts go out to those few unlucky surfers who have to drive past the waves on the way to work. Seeing the pumping waves, knowing that you can’t go out is absolute torture!

Positive: You’re working to save money for that next surf trip.

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