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Don't miss Santa's sled - Get your surfboards delivered in time for Christmas!

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There’s still plenty of time to order your surfboards or SUPs and have them delivered in time for Christmas. Place your order by the cut-off dates below and make sure your gifts are under the tree ready for Christmas Day.

What if I miss out on Christmas delivery?

Don’t worry. The Surfboard Warehouse gift cards are available for purchase online and will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Gift cards can be used in any of our 6 stores, or you can order over the phone by calling 1800 983 227.

The AQSS Fountain of Youth is back!

Hold on to your hats people! Due to popular demand, The Surfboard Warehouse has relaunched the 2015 Aquatic Social Scene Fountain of Youth.That’s right, this insanely popular surfboard is back! The 2017 model is a little more refined, but still has the same epic qualities that made this surfboard a favourite among our customers and staff over 2 years ago.The 2017 Fountain [...]

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​5 reasons you should surf more this summer!

The countdown is on until our favourite time of year. Summer! Longer days and warmer weather means most surfers will be spending more time out on the water, but unfortunately, not everyone feels as excited about you spending every waking moment in the waves. Just in case your girlfriend, boyfriend, family or friends need a little [...]

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​5 quick facts about the new Vessel Tajen

In case you missed the news, the brand new Vessel Tajen has landed! Probably the most anticipated board of the season, this shortboard was designed with summer fun in mind, combining old school functionality, with a contemporary twist. With a perfectly balanced construction, this fun surfboard will blow your mind and we predict this hybrid [...]

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The secret to staying surf fit with no waves

Seriously, have you ever seen the ocean so flat? Here on the east coast, The Surfboard Warehouse crew, along with thousands of other surfers, are experiencing a huge flat spell. The ocean actually resembles a lake and you'd be lucky to find a 1 foot wave anywhere on the coast of QLD. So what do you do [...]

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​5 reasons you should learn to surf

If you’re a surfer you already know that surfing is one of the best sports in the world. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s hard to explain the exact feeling you get from surfing, it’s something you need to experience for yourself.We could write a long list, but here are our top 5 reasons you should learn to [...]

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​12 Reasons you know you’re surfing on the Gold Coast

If you’re keen to experience a variety of world-class waves, beautiful weather and an awesome surf culture, the Gold Coast is the place to be. It’s definitely on the bucket list for surfers around the world! However, for anyone who lives and surfs here every day, these next points will be very familiar.You know you’re surfing on the Gold Coast [...]

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Funboards for all occasions

We live in a time of versatility when it comes to surfboard manufacturing. With so many styles and shapes available, the envelope is continually being pushed in surfboard design.  Some of our most popular surfboards are our retro style fish and fun boards. They are inspired by the forward-thinking designs of one of surfing’s most evolutionary periods, [...]

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​SUP etiquette - The unspoken rules of SUPing

SUP etiquette is pretty straight forward right? Unfortunately there are still a few jokers out there giving SUP riders a bad reputation. Just like surfers, SUPers need to show respect to our fellow boardriders when we’re out on the water. Remember these basic tips and you'll make friends in the surf instead of enemies.Keep your distanceThis [...]

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Our 2 most popular boards - Back in stock NOW!

Great news – 2 of our most popular surfboards are back in stock!We’re stoked to announce that the very popular Beau Young Signature series  Carbon Jet and Sea Plane are both back in stock! Get in to your closest The Surfboard Warehouse outlet, or jump online to have one shipped out as early as next week!Let’s take a look at the [...]

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