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​12 Reasons you know you’re surfing on the Gold Coast

Posted by RH on

If you’re keen to experience a variety of world-class waves, beautiful weather and an awesome surf culture, the Gold Coast is the place to be. It’s definitely on the bucket list for surfers around the world! However, for anyone who lives and surfs here every day, these next points will be very familiar.

You know you’re surfing on the Gold Coast when…

1. The surf is pumping, but you can’t get a car park at Burleigh Point half an hour before sunrise.

2. You can surf in boardshorts and bikinis pretty much all-year-round.

3. You’re surfing a place called 'Surfers Paradise', but it clearly isn’t a SURFER’S PARADISE.

4. There’s a full-time water taxi taking surfers back and forth to world-class waves when the surf is good.

5. You're guaranteed to get dropped in on by at least one world champion surfer when surfing pumping Snapper Rocks  (we’re talking about you Mick and Joel).

6. You're happy to have drinks on Burleigh Point instead of surfing, because it's too big to paddle out and the locals are putting on an epic show with their jet-skis towing in.

7. You see people riding every surfcraft ever invented… just on one wave.

8. You get dropped in on by at least 3 SUPs while surfing Currumbin Alley.

9. The point breaks are the best in the world, but also the most crowded.

10. The local groms are ripping, and you are wondering if you ever surfed that good at their age.

11. At some point you’ve had to navigate through a class of learner surfers to paddle out to the line up.

12. And lastly. You’re surfing in paradise, with friendly people, world class waves and the best surfers in the world (we’re talking about you Mick and Joel)! 

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