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4 qualities to look for when buying a SUP

Posted by The Surfboard Warehouse on

If you’re buying a stand up paddleboard this summer there are a few things you should know before making your final decision. Here are 4 qualities you should look for when purchasing a new SUP.

Quality construction

A stand up paddleboard needs to be strong and made from quality materials. You want it to last. It’s bound to get a scratch or depression here and there, through everyday wear and tear, but it needs to be strong and durable.

Look for a stand up paddleboard with a reinforced deck, using carbon, bamboo or PVC, primarily on the main stand areas. Ensure your fin boxes are laminated into PVC reinforcement; this will maintain the structural strength of your fins.

A shape to suit your needs

There’s a big difference between a board that is built for flat water cruising and a performance board constructed for surfing. Your board needs to be progressive and suit your individual needs.

Flat water cruising

Plenty of width to maintain stability.

A deep concave to give you increased glide.

A comfortable deck grip, sometimes overlooked, but this goes a long way underfoot, especially on those long paddles.


A pulled in, refined tail shape, which allows for a tighter turning arc on the face of the wave.

The fin setup and configuration is so important in a performance SUP. A quad setup gives you the flexibility to alter your fins depending on the conditions.

A pronounced concave to give you enough glide for smooth rail-to-rail transitions.

Enough rocker to avoid nosediving, but not so much that you are pushing too much water as you trim along the wave.

A proven record

Have you seen the board in action? The board may tick all of the boxes, but how does it perform in the water?

The team at The Surfboard Warehouse are passionate about SUPing and we have designated product testing days where we push our boards to their limits. Most of our board descriptions also have a short video clip of them in action, so you can see how they perform in the water.

Added features

A comfortable, deep carry handle to carry your SUP.

A vortex vent allowing for air to pass through the interior and exterior of the board and allowing the core to breathe.

A GoPro mount so you don’t miss out on capturing all your stand up paddle boarding adventures on camera.

The Surfboard Warehouse is on the cutting edge of board design with an innovative team of designers and product testers ensuring our SUPs have all these qualities and more.

If you have any questions about our range of SUPs give us a call on 1800 983 227.

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