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​5 reasons you should learn to surf

Posted by RH on

If you’re a surfer you already know that surfing is one of the best sports in the world. If you haven’t tried it before, it’s hard to explain the exact feeling you get from surfing, it’s something you need to experience for yourself.

We could write a long list, but here are our top 5 reasons you should learn to surf.

It’s a great workout

Surfing is a great full body workout. You are engaging your core, and strengthening your muscles every time you duck dive, paddle and jump to your feet. Surfing also keeps you mentally fit. It’s a great escape and gives you a chance to relax and escape the daily grind. The best thing? You don’t even realise you’re working out because you’re having so much fun!

Connect with nature

You don’t get much closer to nature than being in the ocean, on a surfboard. Feel the power of the ocean beneath your feet, and get up close to marine life like dolphins, turtles and whales.

It’s a new challenge

As a surfer you are continually learning, it’s what keeps you paddling back out time after time. One of the best things about surfing is that you can always improve, learn new tricks or manoeuvres, or master a new style of surfboard.

The people you meet

One of the best things about any sport is the people you meet. Although surfing is an individual sport, you’ll be surprised at how many people you meet. You might meet them out in the waves or while checking the surf, but you'll soon realise that the surfing community is tight and you’ll witness the number of strong friendships that are forged out in the water.

You can surf anywhere

Lucky for us, 70 percent of our planet is covered in water, so surfing is a sport you can do all over the world. Surfing can take you to some breathtaking places, giving you the chance to experience different cultures and ways of life.

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