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​5 reasons you should surf more this summer!

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The countdown is on until our favourite time of year. Summer! Longer days and warmer weather means most surfers will be spending more time out on the water, but unfortunately, not everyone feels as excited about you spending every waking moment in the waves. Just in case your girlfriend, boyfriend, family or friends need a little reminder, here are a few good reasons why you should surf more this summer! 

Surfing makes you happy

Most surfers get a little edgy when they've been out of the water too long. Going for a surf is a great outlet for stress and anxiety and can clear your mind of clutter when the daily grind gets too much. Taking time out to immerse yourself in saltwater is a sure way to improve your attitude and get you back to your happy place. 

Surfing is good for your health

We all know that surfing is good for your soul, but it’s also a great full body workout. It improves your overall fitness and if you surf enough, it will also increase your core strength. Surfing is good for your balance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. 

Surfing teaches you patience

The more you surf, the more patient you become. Waiting is such a big part of surfing, so the more you’re out in the water, the more you learn to wait. This patience can flow through to other aspects of your life, which will benefit everyone!

Surfing helps you make friends

The surfing community is tight-knit. At every local break there’s a local crew and if you surf a wave long enough, you’ll soon make friends and get to know everyone in the lineup.

Surfing is a great excuse for a holiday

Surfing is a great excuse to travel. Imagine the exotic locations and adventures you’ll have exploring new countries and cultures. If you’re a partner of a surfer, there’s no doubt you’ll travel more and have experiences you never dreamt of.

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