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​5 simple ways to improve your surfing

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Whether you’re a beginner surfer, or a next-level ripper, there’s not a single surfer out there that doesn’t need to improve their surfing in one way or another.Let’s take a look at 5 simple ways to improve your surfing.

Spend more time in the water

What’s best way to become a better surfer? Surf more! Practice might never make absolute perfection, but surfing more is the best way to improve.

Get out in the waves as often as possible, in a variety of conditions. Don’t turn your nose up at 2ft mush, waves like this will teach you to adapt to different conditions and improve your surfing when it’s time to surf clean, offshore waves. Crappy waves are a little more challenging, making you work harder for your wave selection and when paddling into sets.

Obviously, don’t surf in waves too far outside your comfort zone, but always push yourself to go a little harder!

Be healthy

Like any sport, fitness plays a huge role in your performance. You’ll be surprised how much easier you’ll find paddling and how much more endurance you have in the surf when you’re fitter. While building muscle is important, core strength and flexibility are just as vital for surfers. There are hundreds of great surfing fitness programs out there, just consult good old Google.

Fitness also ties in with diet. If you’re eating unhealthy food, you’ll probably lack energy and stamina in the surf. Feed your body healthy, nutritious food that will power your muscles and give you strength to get through those long surf sessions.

Surf the right board

Surfing is a progressive sport, so the surfboard you started on, may not be the right board for you now. You need a surfboard that is right for your body shape/weight and the waves you are surfing. Most surfers like to have a quiver of surfboards, with different shapes and sizes for different conditions.

Be honest with yourself about your skill level. Maybe your board was a hand-me-down from a friend, but it’s really too small for you? Even the pro surfers chop and change their boards, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a while to find that ‘perfect’ surfboard for you.

Now is a great time to add a new surfboard to your quiver, check out The Surfboard Warehouse’s latest sale

Watch yourself surf

Seriously, do you know what you look like when you are surfing? You might feel like you’re ripping, but sometimes it’s not until you see yourself surf that you realise what needs to change. Perhaps it’s your stance, or the way you enter into turns. At most surf coaching sessions you’ll see a camera set up so the coach and student can playback the session and critique style and technique. It’s the best way to identify your flaws. Next time you go for a wave, take a friend to film and see your surfing from a completely different perspective.

Surf with better surfers than yourself

This is a great tip. Surfing with better surfers will motivate you to improve. Watch how they approach waves, take offs and manoeuvres. Don’t compare yourself to them, instead, learn from them and see how you can adjust your own style or technique. Everyone needs that mate in the surf calling you into waves and pushing you that little bit harder.

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