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5 Waves in 5 Days - The Alley

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The Gold Coast lays claim to some of the best beaches in the world and with a spectacular 52km on offer, there are plenty of waves to choose from. No matter where you live, if you’re a surfer, you can bet that surfing here is on your bucket list.

Whether it’s a point break, a beachie, or you just want a bit of white-water to splash around in, there’s a wave for you.
The Surfboard Warehouse staff have an epic amount of local knowledge about the best spots to surf and when to hit them. Over the next 5 days, in no particular order, we’ll be profiling our top 5 waves and why we love them.


The Alley (Currumbin)

The wave - A right-hand point break that works best with a SE ground swell. On a good day, when the sand is lining up, The Alley offers up a perfect long ride that takes you right to the beach. Great for beginner to advanced surfers depending on the conditions.
The Surfboard Warehouse weapon of choice – Longboarders, jump on a Vintage Log or Saltwater Kiss – Infinity, to get the most out of this wave and get those toes to the nose. A favourite wave among the mal riding community and you’ll soon see why when you’re riding it all the way to the beach.

If shortboarding is more your thing, grab one of our performance surfboards from The Vessel or Aquatic Social Scene range. Both will give you the manoeuvrability and speed you need to hit the lip, get speed down the line and maybe even get a bit of a cover up if there are barrels around.

The Alley has quickly become a mecca for stand up paddle boarding and is very popular with local sup riders. We recommend a sup from the Atlantis Halo range, catch some fun little runners or go explore the flat water of Currumbin Creek.

Overall a great family friendly location that offers up some great fun waves in the right conditions.

Tune in tomorrow - Snapper Rocks to Greenmount


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