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Andrew Smith – Winning on the Atlantis Vex Profusion II

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The sleepy seaside town of Agnes Waters may not be known for pumping surf all year round, but when the conditions are right it makes the wait between waves totally worthwhile. We caught up with Andrew Smith who won the SUP division at the 2015 HIF Agnes Waters Surfing Festival riding the Atlantis Vex Profusion II.

Congratulations on your recent win at the 2015 HIF Agnes Waters Surfing Festival, riding The Surfboard Warehouse Atlantis Vex Profusion II. How were the conditions for the competition? We had good waves for three days of the comp, with the lower tides seeing the point work for a few heats and lining up nicely for the stand up paddle board division.

How tough was the final? It was my first time in competition and I was a little nervous. It was a hectic 20 minutes, sets were a little further apart, but I managed to get 10 scoring rides with a 2 wave combo of 16.44.

Why was the Atlantis Vex Profusion II your board of choice for this particular competition? What paddle did you use, and why? I have three Atlantis Vex Profusions, two of the carbon Kevlar version and the other is the lighter brushed carbon pro model. My 8'6" is the perfect board for the conditions up this way, the extra volume helps in less powerful waves and it has great drive, turning on a dime with the quad set-up.

It's pretty much the only board I ride lately. My paddle is the 7" blade Atlantis Platinum because I like the Kevlar coil for extra strength. From a standing start it's quicker off the mark, so you can sit a little deeper and generate more speed.

Why would you recommend this board to others, what are your favourite features? I've used the 8'6" in all conditions, from paddling around in flat water sightseeing, to the outer reef breaks. It fits in most airline baggage compartments, I took a Kevlar carbon 8'6" to Western Samoa with an extra paddle, shortboard and everything else I needed for 10 days and I was still under weight.

For me it's perfect, it held in on the bigger days and was great in anything around the 2-4 ft mark. I surfed my shortboard once in 10 days, only because there was a devil wind for SUPing one afternoon. The money I saved on a comparable board, with the same construction, pretty much paid for my flights.

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t's beautiful up there at Agnes Waters, perfect for stand up paddle boarding. Do you have any recommendations on where to SUP for anyone heading up that way? If you can get out to the Great Barrier Reef it’s pretty much heaven on earth from a SUP surfing perspective, zero crowds and a full range of wave sizes, lengths and difficulty levels. Land based, there's plenty of points and shorter lefts around the place, you can always find something worth paddling out for.

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