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Are you a surfaholic?

Posted by The Surfboard Warehouse on

Or do you know someone who is? We know plenty of people who are addicted to surfing and we even have a few guilty subjects here at The Surfboard Warehouse. We've put together a short list of symptoms so you can judge for yourself.

You're always late, because the surf was pumping

You frequently lose track of time because the waves are pumping and you just can’t tear yourself away. It’s a case of ‘just one more wave’, over and over again. There’s also a big chance you turn up to most events with wet hair and you get changed under a towel at your car before going inside.

Your surfboard does not leave your car

If you get a ride with a surfaholic there’s a big chance you’ll be sitting in the back seat. That’s because the front is taken. By their surfboard. A surfaholic’s board is always in the car, just in case the waves pick up. There's probably even a constant ‘damp’ smell from the wet towels, wetsuits and boardies that are being stashed in the back of the car.

When you’re not surfing, you’re watching surfing

Every spare moment you get is spent in the water, but if the surf is not good, you’ll be watching it on TV or on the Internet. Most of your Internet downloads are spent on streaming the WSL tour. Cruising the Internet, watching DVD’s or just on the beach, you’re constantly on the search for new places to surf, new waves to conquer.

You check the surf cams more than twice a day

Surfaholics need to have the head's up on surf conditions. You have a gloomy sense of the unknowing if you don’t know what the tide is doing and the swell prediction for the coming week. Your mates probably love it, because you are a walking, talking surf forecaster and you know what the waves are doing every minute of every day.

You have a block of wax stashed at your local break

You never know when you’re going to run out of wax so you make sure you're prepared by stashing a block of wax somewhere in the proximity to your local surf break. This could be a communal block of wax, or just your own, but you can be sure that it’s saved a few slippery decks in the past.

So what's the verdict, are you a surfaholic?

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