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Best boards for small surf

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Heard of this scenario? It’s small, a bit onshore and lumpy. You’ve checked a few spots and they’re all the same - time to grovel! Unless your backyard is Snapper, chances are your local break is not going to turn on everyday of the year. Having boards that accommodate these rough conditions is a must, but which is the right board for smaller waves? Look no further- we’ve got the answers.

When you’re looking for a grovel board you want to tick off these four requirements: something flat, wide, thick and short.



A flatter bottomed board will allow faster acceleration. If you’ve got a flat-faced wave then the board’s bottom should be the same to lessen the push of water and friction. The Surfboard Warehouse’s Fountain of Youth Fun Board has performance long board fundamentals. This board has a widened full nose for volume under the chest and also allows you to walk the board much like a long board, which makes for a great small wave board.


2 & 3. THICK & WIDE

A board with a thicker core will sit higher in the water and have very little drag allowing for a faster paddle. Our Amazing Grace Retro Fish boards perform best in sloppy or small swell and is our biggest selling board. With its wider design and added volume through the core, this board is able to skim above the water projecting itself forward. Fish boards were originally made back in the 60’s as kneeboards. These boards have the ability to generate great speed down the line and turn tight in the pocket.


Another thick and wide fast seller is our Vessel LunaSea Performance Fish. This board holds high performance characteristics but has increased volume and overall width to give you that lift in the smaller conditions. Its short board features include a deep single to double concave and sharp rails through the bottom tail. The tail of these boards has been taken to the next level with re-enforced carbon tail sections, giving them plenty of added strength.



When searching for a grovel board you wouldn’t always assume to go shorter in length, but with added width and volume dropping a few inches will ensure ultimate fun in small swell. Our Vessel Eco Bean VX3 is as short, flat and thick as they come. You can surf them 6 – 8 inches shorter than your standard board and with its Epoxy/Bamboo construction, the Eco Bean is one of the strongest boards on the market.

Why should you only have fun in big swell? Expanding your quiver will allow you to score in any conditions and be frothing everyday. Come in store or call 1800 983 227 to have a chat to our experienced staff about the best board for every condition and experience level. Whether you’re just starting out, or you need to get some variety in your quiver, our guys can definitely point you in the right direction.

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