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Buy a SUP and get a free DRONE

Posted by The Surfboard Warehouse on

Move over Goose, Maverick and Iceman, The Surfboard Warehouse is giving you the chance to pilot your very own drone.

From 1 December 2014 we are giving away a free drone with every stand up paddle board purchase over $799. These little beauties have an inbuilt HD camera and 360° eversion. Stocks are limited so don’t miss out.

This got us thinking about the more unusual uses for drones. This is what we found....

Take a dronie

That’s right, a dronie. It’s the equivalent of a selfie, but taken from the sky. There’s even websites dedicated to explaining how to take the perfect dronie. A little self-indulgent, yes, but who doesn’t love a good aerial selfie.

Pizza delivery

Drone 1

Domino’s pizza posted a video on You Tube of a pizza being delivered by drone. The Domicopter was a collaboration between the company and a drone specialist, which enabled a drone to carry a heat bag over a long distance to deliver pizza. Great for the customer, not so great for pizza delivery drivers. Although, it turned out to be a marketing ploy and they never planned to take the idea any further.

The Burrito Bomber

Similar to the Domicopter, but, as the name suggests, the Burrito Bomber drops off some Mexican delight. Developed by Darwin Aerospace who got the idea from the Taco-copter. We’re sure a burrito floating down from the sky via parachute would taste a whole lot better.

A drone proposal

Drone 2

One lucky bride in the USA received an unexpected surprise by drone. The moment when a small drone arrived carrying an engagement ring was all caught on the drone’s inbuilt camera. That’s got to be true love!

Spot advertising

This is the ultimate in new-age marketing. A drone fitted with a projector that throws advertising images onto buildings, paths or car parks. A great way for companies to reach their target audience but there could be a few privacy issues with this one.

The uses for drones are endless, some of these ideas might seem far out now, but who knows what the future brings.

Keep an eye out for our blog on ‘How to fly a drone’ that is coming up in the next few weeks.

You can also buy a drone here for $179.95.

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