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Does size matter when you’re a beginner surfer?

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The Surfboard Warehouse team have plenty of experience when it comes to recommending the right surfboard for the right person. We’re all surfers and we know our craft. We want everyone to experience the same passion and stoke we have for this incredible sport on a daily basis.

Choosing your first surfboard can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to know where to begin. At The Surfboard Warehouse we have a huge range of surfboards and stand up paddleboards, but they are not all suited to beginner surfers.

So which board is right for you?

Learner surfers are often tempted to go straight for a shortboard, the same one as their mates or a surfboard borrowed from someone they know. Unfortunately, a shorter board may not be the best option and can actually make it harder for you to get to your feet.

While smaller boards seem like the ideal choice, a board with added buoyancy and stability will give you more paddle power, meaning you’ll catch more waves, and the more waves you ride the faster you will progress in your surfing.

mini mal is a great board to learn on, it has good buoyancy as well as stability, while not being too big that you can’t handle the board out in the waves. On a mini-mal it's easier to turn and maintain speed and flow, giving you longer rides and more time to practice your surfing. With added paddle power, a mini mal is more manoeuvrable than a larger longboard, making it easier to negotiate through the surf and get to the waves you want to ride.

Take a look at our Waterborn Jiven or Aquatic Social Scene Devocean, both super-fun mini mals suited to beginners. 

Aquatic Social Scene - Jiven


If you’re a little apprehensive about taking on a fibreglass board, why not start on a softboard. Our Waterborn softboards are the ideal beginner board. They let you catch waves with ease and are durable and safe for all ages, especially for kids. With soft rails and plenty of stability, a softboard will get you up and riding sooner.


Once you progress in your surfing and your confidence grows, it might be time to take on a smaller board. Something with added volume and a little width will make this transition easier. Board such as the Waterborn Cheap Thrills and the Vessel Eco Bean both have a wider outline and more width to give you increased stability in the waves and more paddle power to get to the waves you want to ride.


If you have any other questions about beginner boards, give The Surfboard Warehouse team a call on 1800 983 227 and let's talk about a board that's right for you!

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