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Easter Forecast

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If you’re anything like us, eating chocolate won’t be the only thing on your to-do list this long weekend. Whether you’re on holiday, chilling at home or looking for a couple of sneaky surfs before work, we’ve summarised the surf forecast for the Easter long weekend.

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Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Northern NSW

The 2 to 4ft swell is still lingering on the Gold Coast beach breaks but the quality is pretty dismal. Over the next few days the easterly swell will start to drop off, decreasing to 1 to 3ft by Sunday. If you’re super keen for a wave the best bet is to get out early before the wind picks up, you might score a couple of waves on the beachies while it’s still clean.

Sydney and NSW

Although there’s a bit of S and E swell around, ranging from 3 to 4ft, it’s nothing to get too excited about just yet. With some solid groundswell on its way the conditions will be improving towards Easter Monday, with winds predicted to swing WNW.

South Australia

Conditions are looking good if you’re keen for a wave in South Australia this long weekend, with about 4 to 5ft of swell predicted to hit on Easter Sunday. Early light winds will provide great conditions for an early surf before the winds swing in the afternoon. The pick of the weekend looks like Easter Sunday or early Easter Monday before the wind changes to a strong southerly.

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Western Australia

The waves look clean for Saturday, Sunday and Easter Monday in WA. Wave height is predicted to be around 3 to 4ft across the Southwest Coast and is looking good. A new SSW groundswell will start to increase through Saturday, then decrease again through Sunday. With light ESE winds on the beachies, Sunday morning and Monday will be the pick of the weekend.


If you’ve been watching the Ripcurl Pro you’d see that the surf conditions in Victoria haven’t been that great the last few days. Even with 2 to 4ft of swell, the choppy onshore winds are only keeping the kitesurfers happy, but these are predicted to back off through Saturday afternoon. The best days for a wave look like early Sunday and Easter Monday before new SW winds pick up during the day. Looks like the conditions are going to improve after the Easter long weekend, so keep an eye on the Ripcurl Pro because things are set to improve.


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