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Are you looking for a super fun board to ride over the summer holidays? Something to get you through those onshore summer days when the surf is small and lumpy?

The latest delivery of Vessel Eco Bean VX3’s has arrived at The Surfboard Warehouse and they look amazing! These boards are so much fun, designed to be ridden 6 - 8 inches smaller than your standard shortboard, they are the perfect small wave board to add to your quiver for the summer months.

These strong, punchy boards come with a twin tab quad setup, built for speed. They have a very deep double concave that gives the boards that extra push to glide over flat sections with ease, the full rails making them easier to paddle and giving them extra stability. With an EPS core, fibreglass with epoxy resins and 6 + 4 ounce on the deck and 6 ounce on the bottom. The EPS blank is sandwiched between 0.5mm bamboo and has serious style.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers say about the Vessel Eco Bean VX3:

I have recently bought the Ecobean and it blew me away, it is an amazing board for small conditions, 2-3ft low strength waves are a blast, fast and easy turns, high stability and a solid build definitely up there with more expensive brands, would rate this board 10 out of 10.Do yourself a favor and get on the Ecobean, you will not regret it.

Bought the 5'10" ECO BEAN from Surfboard Warehouse about six weeks ago and have surfed it in various conditions and have to say it is unreal. I am 69 still surfing short boards and have found that the Bean paddles onto a wave super easy because of the volume and minimal rocker. Surfed the Bean in 5' surf and it still hung in there great. Would recommend the Bean to older surfers who still want to surf short boards.

This board meets all expectations and provides a real stepping-stone for improving your skills. 
100% stoked with how easy it is to rise and pop up on. Great speed and can have loads of fun on it!

Check out Beau Young carving it up on the Vessel Eco Bean.

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