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Escape to paradise – Bali from a new perspective

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It’s that time of year. While the Australian winter serves up pretty epic waves, plenty of surfers escape the chilly mornings and set off chasing the sunshine and wave perfection that is Bali.

From May to September is Bali’s peak surfing season, around 900,000 Australians make the pilgrimage each year and escape to a Balinese paradise.

Bali has received some bad press the last few years, with the executions and terrorist attacks, but from a surfer’s perspective it’s still paradise. You’ll find that there are way more positives than negatives. Amazing surf, unbelievable food, affordable accommodation, massages, yoga, sunsets, beautiful people and stunning scenery.

If it’s your first time in Bali we’ll forgive you for doing all the standard tourist activities, the elephants, visiting the temples, cooking courses and white water rafting. However, after speaking with some avid Bali travellers, here are a few things to do in Bali that aren’t on the standard tourist itinerary.

Sunset drinks on the beach

This time of the day is magical on the beach if you’re staying Kuta/Seminyak side. The sun’s bite has disappeared and locals and tourists both flock down the beach to enjoy the sunset. It’s the perfect predecessor to dinner.

Sunrise walks

If you go for a walk just on sunrise you’ll see a different side of Bali. As you stroll through the streets, the locals sweeping and statues draped with offerings, it’s calming and surreal and a good time to experience Bali without being hassled to buy anything.

Go exploring

Buy a map, grab your board, get on a bike or hire a car and go exploring. There’s something special about having no set agenda and getting off the beaten track to go exploring. Who knows what treasures you’ll find and memories you’ll make.

Meet the locals

Make friends with the locals. The Balinese are a beautiful and gentle nation of people and you will find that most go out of their way to help you, especially once you’re out of the main tourist areas. Experience a new culture away from the dancers at your hotel and you will definitely make friends for life.
bali, orphanage, the surfboard warehouse, bali, indonesia The Surfboard Warehouse owners Tim and Avalon with their son Vegas on their trip to Bali where they spent time at the YKPA Orphanage.

Open your eyes

Really open your eyes. Look past the hustle and bustle. Don’t just see things, soak in the culture and experience all that the country has to offer. Try things you wouldn’t normally try and you’ll be more educated and enlightened because of it.

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