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Funboards for all occasions

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We live in a time of versatility when it comes to surfboard manufacturing. With so many styles and shapes available, the envelope is continually being pushed in surfboard design.  

Some of our most popular surfboards are our retro style fish and fun boards. They are inspired by the forward-thinking designs of one of surfing’s most evolutionary periods, and take surfing to a completely new level. The best thing, they suit most conditions.

Let’s take a look at the different styles of fish and funboards we stock at The Surfboard Warehouse. (We've also included a few quick vid's so you can see the boards in action). 

Eco Bean

The Vessel Eco Bean is a punchy little board with extra volume that makes it the best surfboard for small waves. With the extra volume it paddles with ease, but performs like a performance shortboard with its carbon properties that disperse flex and control where it counts. The Eco Bean makes smooth transitions through flat sections, but accelerates rapidly when it’s needed. If the waves are small, this is the surfboard you want under your feet!

Cheap Thrills

The 2016 Waterborn Cheap Thrills is a fantastic board for less than perfect conditions, and if you’re all about wave count, this is the board for you. Taking cues from retro shapes, this board has a 5-fin configuration so you can change between a thruster and quad, depending on the conditions. This board really packs a punch and we’d go as far as saying that it might just be one of the fastest boards you will ever ride.


This half carbon hybrid is really something special. The Vessel Zephyr is a super-flexible fun board that gives you amazing drive if you’re a fan of top-to-bottom surfing. It will destroy waves from 1 – 6 feet and is easy to paddle thanks to its fuller nose that puts the volume forward. It also has a double flyer, blending into a round tail that holds tight through power turns. This is a great all-round surfboard that will prove to be an awesome addition to your quiver.

Amazing Grace

This surfboard gets its name from its grace and ability to glide across the surface of the wave. The Aquatic Social Scene Amazing Grace is a retro style board with a tonne of style and you’ll love its traditional marble resin tint. The single to double concave gives this board its immense speed, while the sharpened rails give it its drive and hold. We recommend you ride this board at least 4-6 inches shorter than any other board you would normally ride. A great choice if you want a board that goes well in small or messy conditions, but performs just as well in overhead surf.

2017 RPM

So you’re looking for a fast board that’s quick off the mark? The Vessel 2017 RPM is the fasted hybrid on the market. It features Vessel’s new Carbon Infusion Technology (deck and rail wrap), which disperses flex where it counts. It’s built for power and drive, but its wider shape gives you that extra paddle power to get onto more waves. It paddles like a funobard, but performs like a competition surfboard!

Beau Young Signature Series

Talk about head-turners! The Aquatic Social Scene Neptune’s Daughter and Aquatic Social Scene Carbon Jet definietly get people talking.  Both these boards were designed by 2 x World Longboard Champion Beau Young, and possess his style and charisma.

The Neptune’s Daughter is a versatile funboard, a wide fish that lets you generate plenty of speed. The hatchet like tail gives the rider the ability to turn fast, and its loose enough to throw around a little in the surf.

The Carbon Jet is a wave catching machine. With a 4 + 1 fin configuration you can ride it the way you want, either as a quad or thruster. If you find it difficult to paddle into waves, this board has a fuller outline and added foam under your chest, giving you that extra push when paddling into waves. The Carbon Jet is completely reinforced with guitar string carbon and has a unique twin channel in the last quarter to power through the water and hold when gaining speed. Once you experience this board first hand you'll be impressed!

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