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Getting to know Beau

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To say that we are stoked to have Beau Young on The Surfboard Warehouse team would be an understatement. This two times world champ is not only a champion surfer, but also a champion guy. We sat down with Beau and asked him a few questions so we could get to know him a little better.

Beau Young, surfing, surf, surfboard, Waterborn, longboard

Beau, we love your style and you look like you were born to surf. Was there a defining moment when you knew that surfing would become a major part of your life? Yes, I think it happened for me at a very young age. I was clinging onto my father’s back as he paddled onto a rolling wave, we were both laying down prone and I was really, really loving the fact of moving on water while hugging onto my father. I think in all honesty that was THE most defining moment. I think that most people would agree that first rush of joy from riding your very first wave changes your life. For me my lifestyle has revolved around the ocean ever since.

You’ve been surfing for a long time now, do you still have the same amount of stoke that you had when you first started surfing? I honestly have more stoke for surfing now than ever before. Just yesterday I was surfing Wategoes with a tribe of family friends and going tandem with the little ones. Surfing is beyond words and be it teaching a kid to surf or riding through giant water caves, the stoke is always fantastic.

Beau Young, surfing, longboard, surf, world champion

During your time surfing on the longboard world tour what was the best piece of advice you were given? Be patient and wait for your waves. I find if you relax and let go you understand the oceans movements more. It may sound a little strange but honestly, tapping into the ocean’s energy requires a certain amount of stillness and understanding.

Surfing prowess certainly seems to be part of the Young DNA. Your father Nat Young was a champion longboarder, your sister Nava is currently ranked 3rd on the women’s longboard tour and your brother Bryce has been ripping lately. How was life growing up in the Young household and how did that impact on who you are today? I am very proud of all my family’s ability when it comes to riding waves. We have all basically fallen in love with surfing and it shows, I think, through pure dedication. I am not discrediting any of my family’s ability but it is honestly lots and lots of water time that makes them the surfers they are. My family was never pushy in any way when it came to getting out in the ocean. Every moment, whenever possible, revolved around the sea. Surfing before or after school no matter the conditions was my focus. My father’s fame has never been an issue because I just see him as Dad, and a great one!

We have noticed a shift in the boards you have been riding lately… they appear to be getting smaller? What secret weapons have you been toying with lately? My boards have definitely gone down in size. My brother and his close friends have just gone shorter and shorter. I just kept dropping the inches on my short boards until it felt kind of like a toy car. When the boards go too short they don't feel functional to me at all. I think once your ability gets to a certain point your fun boards should generally be a couple of inches shorter than your height. I like short tight turns with a good amount of floatation and going a touch shorter than your height works for me. The right equipment for the persons ability is key....The Surfboard Warehouse cater to those needs and we have been working on a few designs I am very proud of. The team is also very, very knowledgeable and I like collaboration. One of the boards I am looking forward to releasing with them is the "Carbon Jet". The "Jet" will be versatile and functional in many ways and I can’t wait to share it.

Beau Young, surfing, carve, surfboard, gold coast, longboard

You have an enormous amount of knowledge of board design and manufacture; we’re truly lucky to have you on our team. What do you consider the most important factors when designing a board? I think a simple board is a good board. I grew up with a father who taught me the basic fundamentals of what makes a board work. The most important factors for me are the entry rocker and the trim.

How do you find it designing/shaping boards with Tim and the creative team at The Surfboard Warehouse? It’s a lot of fun. To be able to bounce around and refine ideas with a bunch of people I respect is great. Looking at various colour ways and layouts on boards with the creative crew is refreshing and a real eye opener because they often have ideas I would never have thought of.

Beau, we know that you’re also a talented musician and performer. What’s happening with your music right now? I've just finished co-producing an album with a friend for a film release titled Snowsurf. The 8 days spent laying down all the sounds and working with the many talented muso’s was truly a fantastic experience. Just like surfing, I live for music. I am currently working on a kids show for the ABC titled "Animals Rock" with a fantastic television host friend. For ten years now I've had a dream of playing kids music with a band of animals and it looks like that dream may be coming true.

Last of all, do you have a motto you live by? Yes, my motto is simply, "be happy". Life can get a little hectic and you can't let a complicated life take you away from breathing in and realising how great life is and immersing yourself in the sea!

All photos: Jarrason Bitton

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