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Great Aussie Inventions

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With the Australia Day long weekend upon us, what better time to give credit to our fellow countrymen and women for their awesome inventions.

Apart from the most amazing breakthroughs such as the ultrasound, wi-fi, the black box flight recorder, spray on skin and the bionic ear, Australians can be thanked for some other inventions that have captivated the world.

Zinc cream

Whether it’s for a day at the cricket, or an epic surf session, most Australians have a tube of zinc in their cupboard. Although sunscreen was already around, in 1940 the Fauldings Pharmaceutical Company introduced the world to this marvellous sun-blocking product.


Plastic money

The Reserve Bank, in collaboration with the CSIRO, released the first ever series of polymer banknotes in Australia in1996. They say it was because polymer notes are harder to counterfeit and last 10 times longer than paper, but we think there might have been a few surfers on the development team. Thanks to this invention money stays intact through the washing machine or in the back pocket of your boardies after a surf.


Believe it or not the Queen was the first woman to test out Aeroguard on her visit to Australia in 1963. You would think that CSIRO’s Doug Waterhouse would of made a bit of cash from this spectacular invention but unfortunately Doug didn’t keep his cards close to his heart and when Mortein rang he happily obliged and gave them the recipe. Big FAIL Doug.


Surf ski

It was in Lake Innes near Port Macquarie that the McLaren brothers Harry and Jack created the first version of the surf ski to manoeuvre their way around their family’s oyster beds. They took them out in the surf using hand blades to propel them along. Surf Skis have come a long way since 1940 and they have played a big part in Australian surf life saving.


We had to mention one of the most significant inventions in surfing history. Simon Anderson brought the three-fin setup to the forefront back in October 1980 and the thruster design took the surfing world by storm. Soon all the pro’s were riding with 3 fins and he actually won the 1981 Bells Beach Classic riding one of his prototypes.


These are just a few inventions, what’s your favourite Aussie invention?

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