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On board with Beau - The Zephyr Carbon Pro

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With so many surfboard designs and choices these days it can be a real nightmare to find a board that will work well in a variety of surf conditions.

The Vessel Zephyr however, is one such board. I have ridden this board in waves ranging from miniscule, through to six foot and powerful. This slightly wider, slightly stubbier little board is the ideal travel companion. If you really don’t know what the ocean will throw at you on your next trip, take a Zephyr!

There are plenty of reasons why this board works so well. Primarily, the volume of foam under your chest makes paddling for waves and paddling against strong rips much easier. The rocker or overall curve of the board is much less than a regular shortboard. Less curve in the board means greater planing speed for paddling, catching waves and also allows you to move quicker through the flatter sections of a wave.

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Traditionally, wide round-tail surfboards are very smooth, the Zephyr is no exception. The double fliers give the board release through its turns where needed and the single to double concave further enhance the board's overall speed. A five fin plug setup makes for differing fin configurations. Personally, I ran with a tri-fin setup with a slightly bigger centre fin and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This board appeals to a variety of surfers and is a combination of a retro 70s style board and a modern board. Initially I thought the carbon fibre deck would make the board too stiff but upon riding it I realised the carbon actually gave my turns and transitions greater drive.

surfing, short board, surf, Zephyr, waves

The Vessel Zephyr is a complete surprise package that really opens your mind to the fact you can ride a smaller board than you ever thought. I generally ride small boards that are 5’11” in height, but due to the wider shape and less curve in the board I surf the 5’6” Zephyr and absolutely love it!

On my next trip to a far flung place looking for waves, be it Mexico or Indonesia, I will definitely be taking the Zephyr. Baggage restrictions can be tight, so instead of taking a wide range of boards on the journey I would just take a Zephyr. No matter what the conditions, 1 foot to 6 foot, you’ll have the perfect board!

The Zephyr is now available for pre-order from The Surfboard Warehouse, arriving in store 1 June 2015.

Check out this clip of my latest session on the Zephyr.

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