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Pre-surf rituals Pre-surf rituals

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Whether you’re aware of it or not, most surfers have a pre-surf ritual. A set routine of actions or movements that we do before every surf. Professional surfers get in the zone by donning headphones and their favourite playlist, free surfers might do a couple of stretches on the beach. We all have our little idiosyncrasies.

Here are a few pre-surf rituals that we’ve witnessed.

The yoga guru/stretching maniac

We’ve all seen this one. They may be busting out a downward dog, or a simple plank, but they spend more time on the sand than in the water. Maybe they have an existing injury that needs stretching out or maybe they are connecting with the ocean on some deeper level. We all know that stretching before a surf is beneficial, but some people take it to the next level.

How could we forget female pro surfer Anastasia Ashley who twerked her way to over 7 million likes on YouTube with her pre-heat warm up. Here it is in case you missed it.

The daydreamer

This is the person who gazes at the waves for what seems to be a lifetime before they even get wet. You’re keen to get out for a surf but your mate is still looking for the best bank, the best rip to get out in or the less crowded spot. You’re best to leave these daydreamers to it; if you wait for them it will be dark by the time you get in the lineup.

The sand waxer

Each and every surf these guys forget to wax their board, so when they get down to the water’s edge they pick up a handful of sand and rub it into their deck for added grip. It’s fine for an emergency, but who wants to surf with sandpaper on the deck of their board?

The entertainer

This person thinks entering the surf in the usual way is too boring and mundane. They’ll grab their board and run for the water’s edge, jumping on and surfing their way into the water.

The eager beaver

There’s no point trying to keep up with this person. You may think you are going for a relaxing surf with your mate but they paddle out as if their life depends on it. There’s no time for chitchat with these people, they want to get out there and you’re not going to stop them.

So which one are you? What’s your pre-surf ritual?

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