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​SUP etiquette - The unspoken rules of SUPing

Posted by RH on

SUP etiquette is pretty straight forward right? Unfortunately there are still a few jokers out there giving SUP riders a bad reputation. Just like surfers, SUPers need to show respect to our fellow boardriders when we’re out on the water. Remember these basic tips and you'll make friends in the surf instead of enemies.

Keep your distance

This is especially important in crowded surf. Don’t put other surfers at risk by paddling right on top of them. Unless you're an intermediate to advanced stand up paddleboard rider, it's a good idea to stay away from busy surf breaks.

Don’t drop in

That means don’t paddle into any wave that another surfer is already riding. Wait your turn. Just because you can paddle out further and sit deeper than anyone else in the lineup, doesn’t mean you have to. Respect all surfers no matter what craft they're riding. Don’t be greedy. Everyone out there deserves to get his or her share of waves, paddling for every wave will just make people angry.

Don’t snake

This is when a surfer paddles around another surfer to get a better position in the lineup, or paddles on the inside of another surfer to take off on a wave before them. It’s super frustrating, especially if the waves are few and far between.

Stay with your board

Letting go of your board is so dangerous when you're on a stand up padddleboard. Always wear a legrope out in the surf and if you can’t control your board, stay away from other surfers.

Respect the beach

Always respect the beach. Always take your rubbish away with you and if some other grub has left rubbish on the beach, do the right thing, pick it up and take it with you too.

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