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Surfing a new angle

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Surf photography has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Previously we were limited to a few points of view, but now we see surfing from a multitude of different angles. Some of the best shots come from deep inside the barrel and are taken by the surfers themselves.

Technology has given us products like the GoPro, which allow us to get inside the barrel with the surfer and get a feel for what it’s like from their perspective. The GoPro has taken surf filming to the next level.

Surfing the barrel

The team at The Surfboard Warehouse are constantly testing new ways to capture our range of boards in action. For a long time we have been searching for a new angle to film from, but conventional surfboard mounts never really did the job.

Lucky we’re an inventive bunch at The Surfboard Warehouse. Tim and Jarrod put on their inventor shoes and came up with THE WIDOWMAKER.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 4.22.20 pm

The Widowmaker isn’t the prettiest or the safest (hence the name), but it definitely does the job. It captures both the surfer and the surfer’s point of view. It’s an aluminium arm that stands about 1m high and is connected to the rear of the surfboard deck. It allows for the GoPro to be mounted in a higher position, thus capturing more imagery than most mounts.

Jarrod took the Widowmaker on its maiden voyage and was pretty pleased with the results. He took out a 6’2 Vessel Gypsea Sled and put it to the test.

barrel gopro

“It was a pretty nerve-racking paddle out in 5 to 6ft Kirra”, said Jarrod, “the mount weighed down the board and made it a bit trickier to surf, but the end result was good and we got some epic footage.”

We don’t think we’ll be taking orders for these mounts anytime soon, but hey, it was a fun ride!

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