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Surfing on four legs

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If you follow The Surfboard Warehouse on Facebook you might have seen the link we shared of the new pig on the block who’s taking the Hawaiian surfing scene by storm. Kamapua’a, or Kama for short, is charging the waves at Bellow’s Beach and is showing us how it’s done.

Check out Kama surfing his home break with his mate Kai Holt.

Kama isn’t the only animal getting on board these days. It’s a Noah’s ark out there and all our feathered and furry friends are getting wet. Dogs, goats, lamas and even mice, they’re all putting their toes, or hooves, to the nose.

If you’re in Queensland in March, the Noosa Festival of Surfing has a few ‘dog-friendly’ events. You can check out some experienced dog surfers in the Vetshop Australia Wave Dog Masterclass, or get some tips on how to get your pup on a sup with a qualified instructor.

To take your four-legged friend out in the surf you need to be prepared. Only take your pet out if they show signs that they enjoy the water and can confidently take on swimming in the waves. You don’t want to frighten them.

Kids bath mats, the kind with suction caps, are great to give your dog extra grip on the board and help stop scratches. A stand up paddle board is a great place to start as it has greater buoyancy and you can get them used to flat water before you venture into the surf.

If you’re planning on taking your dog out in bigger waves you may need to invest in a doggy life jacket, this will keep them safe if they fall off in deeper water.

Already taken your dog out surfing? If you have pictures of you and your dog out in the waves on one of our boards #thesurfboardwarehouse, we’d love to see your pictures.

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