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Surfing's Ultimate Feeling, The Tube Ride

Posted by Beau Young on

Waves sure are fascinating things!! When there are big powerful rolling waves I could virtually watch them all day long!! So round and hollow they almost take on the visual impression of a rolling tin or barrel, they are mesmerising in fact!!

As a surfer the most amazing place to be is inside the tube…if you haven’t had one you really should and here are few little tips on how to get yourself there… on how to find surfing's ultimate feeling!!!

Tubing, hollow and barrelling waves as they are called break this way more often on a lower tide. A higher tide has waves with more water and they are considered fuller and more fat.

Hollow tubular waves occur when there is less water in the shallows and the wave can form a steeper relative pitch!!

The tube ride to the naked eye appears to be a relatively simple thing. You simply cut across the wave face and stay inside the curl but…….how looks can be deceiving!!

Lets start from before you even catch the wave. You are out the back beyond the breakers and you see a nice steep wave forming in front of you.

Taking off on a late/steep breaking wave requires extra paddles to catch it and once dropping down the face of the wave all pressure must be firmly on the back foot so the nose of your board does not bury in due to the waves steep descent.

Once off the bottom of the wave crouch low using your front arm to guide you and stay in the middle of the waves face. Your back shoulder and upper body should be drawing you back and that front arm remaining stretched out in front.

Looking ahead of you noticing the waves pitch because getting inside the curl of the wave is where you want to be. Each and every wave moves and shifts differently so this is where you need to keep your eyes watching the curl. To slow down to get inside the wave you can put your trailing hand inside the wave face to create what is called a stall.

To speed up and try to drive through a fast moving tube ride you put all of your weight forward for drive, basically just try and alter your speed in accordance with the wave.

Once inside the barrel look down the line of the wave and try to shift your body to fit in with the waves shape. Keeping a subtle eye on where the wave is in front of you.

Waves are unpredictable (which makes them so special!) but if your fortunate enough the wave will remain open at the end and let you fly out of the tunnel!!

I am always trying to find tube rides and it’s a life long pursuit!! You will get knocked down quite a few times but its really only water and if you keep persisting you will get yourself tubed….surfings ultimate ride!!

- Beau Young

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