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Talking SUP fitness with The Floating Lotus Studio

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Winter is fast approaching, the mornings are getting cooler, but the days are still beautiful. If you’re stuck in a rut with your normal fitness routine and crave something new, this is the perfect weather for stand up paddle boarding.

SUPing is a great way to keep fit, but don’t just take our word for it. We interviewed Sharee from The Floating Lotus Studio to find out why stand up paddle boarding is such a good workout for your body and your mind.

The Floating Lotus Studio. This name instantly takes us to a more relaxed place, tell us about your business. The Floating Lotus Studio is located on the Northern end of the Gold Coast at Helensvale. I opened the studio almost one year ago; I felt there was a real market for a great new vibrant yoga/pilates/barre studio. I wanted my clients to have a sanctuary that they could escape to for self-improvement, or just a place that made them feel fantastic. The name came naturally, I love the floating feeling after

a yoga class, I love floating on my SUP, moving through a beautiful, fun yoga sequence and I love the purity and rebirth of the lotus flower.

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Your studio offers SUP Yoga classes, what made you think to incorporate stand up paddle boarding into your business? Whilst training at Essence Of Living to be a yoga teacher we had a weekend off, we were down at Evans Head and I hired a SUP on the creek. I started moving through yoga asana's on the SUP and instantly fell in love! I knew there and then that I wanted to share this amazing practice with others. I loved being out in the elements, I loved how it challenged my yoga practice and listening to the sound of the ocean. I instantly started to research SUP Yoga teacher training courses and later that year I became a SUP Yoga instructor with Academy of Surfing Instructors.

In your opinion what are the top five health benefits of stand up paddle boarding? Stand up paddle boarding is low impact and therefore gentle on tendons and ligaments, it’s amazing for your cardiovascular system, it’s a fun way to burn calories, fantastic core/shoulder/legs workout and what I think is so important, it's extremely calming. The sound of the water lapping under your board, the beautiful surroundings, the fresh air and the sunshine.

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What is it about SUPing that makes it so unique? SUPing is unique and an amazing way for anyone of any age/size/fitness level to enjoy our beautiful waterways. SUP Yoga is so much FUN, there is nothing quite like doing down dog looking at the world upside down or savasana, with your toes and fingertips resting on the water while the sunshine warms you up, it’s pure bliss.

What’s your advice for anyone thinking of taking up stand up paddle boarding for fitness? If you love water, fitness and being outdoors then this is for you! There are so many options on a Stand Up Paddle Board, from a beginner just cruising around, racing SUPs and SUP Yoga/fitness. I have a family and it's our favourite way to spend our weekends, heading out for a paddle together. Our kids are only little so it's an extra workout for us paddling with them. We love our Waterborn SUPs from The Surfboard Warehouse as they were affordable and got us out doing what we love sooner.

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