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The 2015 Atlantis Bam Bam

Posted by The Surfboard Warehouse on

Are you looking for a stand up paddleboard that is built for speed and performance? A board that will push your SUP riding to the next level?

A new era of SUPs have arrived and the 2015 Atlantis Bam Bam is a punchy little number that is packed full of features. It was named after Bamm Bamm Rubble from The Flintstones, the feisty little kid who reaps havoc and exerts a bundle of speed and energy. This board is no different.

It is a compact performance SUP that comes in a 6’10 and a 7’2 model. With plenty of volume, it’s built specifically for performance riding and is best suited to the surf. You’ll forget you’re on a SUP when you’re driving through a bottom turn and cutting back to the whitewash on this manoeuvrable and dynamic stand up paddleboard.

This board is fast. It’s finished with a brushed carbon/PVC construction, has kevlar infused rails, a quad-fin configuration and a single to deep double concave to the fin area.

In clean conditions this board is exceptional, but in chopping, messy conditions you’re still going to have fun and get a good workout while you’re at it.

The Atlantis Bam Bam is geared towards advanced stand up paddle boarders, so if you’re a total beginner we would recommend you start off on one of our larger SUPs.

Now is the perfect time to add the Atlantis Bam Bam to your quiver; it’s currently on sale for $999, reduced from $1200. Get on board!

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