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The Longboard: Small Wave Gliding Because Every Board has a Purpose

Posted by Beau Young on

It's true there is always the right tool for the job. The same can definitely be said for the right surfboard for differing conditions.

Today, more than ever surfers are more open minded than ever before. Gone are the days of only riding a modern high performance shortboard in all wave conditions.

There are a multitude of options at your fingertips these days and it really does make the surfing experience much more rewarding and it's exactly about having the right tools for the job.

Aquatic Social Scene - Carbon Jet by Beau Young

The longboard has been around since the dawn of surfings history. Very easy to paddle it is a gliding machine that can catch virtually any wave even a tiny 6inch ripple!!

I found out about the necessity of riding a longboard or log when I was in Italy on a surf trip and the waves were unrideable on a regular board. Tiny ankle high waves breaking a few hundred metres from shore and I didn’t have the right equipment. Early that morning having surveyed the conditions I borrowed my fathers longboard paddled out and honestly my entire outlook on how much fun surfing could be in minuscule conditions changed from that moment on!

Aquatic Social Scene - Devocean

There is also an entirely different repertoire of maneuvers to be learned when beginning to longboard. Walking the board, hanging five or ten toes over the end of the board when you are up there, it really is an entirely different skill set!! Not to mention just how different a board of this length turns compared to a small one.

Aquatic Social Scene - Vintage Log

I definitely adhere to having a large quiver (group of boards) and I think if you can paddle out into tiny tiny perfect 6inch high waves with nobody else out and have the time of you life on the smallest wave energy on a 10 foot board..well that's simply one of the best things ever!

- Beau Young

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