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The ocean’s many moods - with Beau Young

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The sea can change and morph into many different forms. Giant teepee-like waves breaking with great ferocity miles from shore on a flat shallow ledge with no wind at all.

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Alternatively, on the very same day that wind can swing and inside a small cove there are tiny waves with a howling onshore wind where the waves look completely unrideable but in fact they still are.

Being an ocean lover, it is nice to be adaptable. I have never been the type of person who won't go to the beach because it is too cold or it is raining outside (you’re going to get wet anyway).

Sure, perfect summer days with rolling waves and perfect weather, wearing nothing more than your boardshorts or (if you’re a lady) bikini make for days to remember.

But I have no hesitation getting up early on a cold winter’s day with horrible wave riding conditions just to experience Mother Nature in one of her many moods. With the wind whipping into the shoreline and the sand stinging your face you question your motive. Upon paddling out you notice a turtle pop up for a breath of air and you find that there is relief from the ferocious wind as you sink below the surface to push through each breaking wave.

There is always an energy in the ocean, even with the ravaging wind. You find you can angle with or against it through the turns you are making on the board.

Life is never completely smooth for us humans and the ocean is never a completely beautiful, perfect canvas. The ocean and her many moods are exquisite in each and every form! No matter how you’re feeling on any given day she, Mother Ocean, is home, immerse yourself in it!

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