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The secret to staying surf fit with no waves

Posted by RH on

Seriously, have you ever seen the ocean so flat? Here on the east coast, The Surfboard Warehouse crew, along with thousands of other surfers, are experiencing a huge flat spell. The ocean actually resembles a lake and you'd be lucky to find a 1 foot wave anywhere on the coast of QLD. 

So what do you do to keep surf-fit when there are no waves?

Stand up paddleboard

Stand up paddleboarding is a great way to keep fit when there's no swell. SUPing is a low impact cardiovascular workout that simultaneously targets a wide range of muscles. It’s great for core strength and working out the muscles you use when you surf. If you're looking to get onboard a SUP, we have a giant range of stand up paddleboards to suit everyone, from beginners to intermediate. 


Swimming is another activity that gives your whole body a workout. You can do drills that meet your current fitness level, or increase the intensity as your fitness grows and push yourself even further. Being a water sport, swimming is a great way to increase your lung capacity and practice your breath holds so you can withstand those hectic hold-downs when the swell eventually gets bigger.

Surf specific training

There are gyms all over Australia that now offer surf specific training. They design programs especially for surfers, that focus on strength, conditioning and flexibility, everything you need in the waves. These types of workouts will help you get more ‘paddle fit’, and improve your core strength and endurance.

Yoga and Pilates

Surfing and Yoga/Pilates go hand-in-hand. Both Yoga and Pilates help with stability, flexibility, control and core strength, and will also help strengthen your body to reduce the chance of injuries in the surf. 2 x world champion long boarder and The Surfboard Warehouse board designer Beau Young is a big fan of Yoga and regularaly practices to keep surf fit.


You can't forget skateboarding. With its roots in surfing, skateboarding mimics the movements and manoeuvres of surfing with rail-to-rail transitions and carving turns. Whether it's skating around town, or at the skate bowl, skateboarding is a good workout and if there are no waves, skateboarding is your next best thing.

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