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The social side of stand up paddling with Julieanne White

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We’ve recently touched on the health benefits of SUPing, and there are so many to say the least! But not only is this hugely popular water sport beneficial for your mind, body and soul but it’s also extremely social. Our Finance Manager Julieanne White is a member of the Paddle Board Gold Coast Group and she can’t get enough. We sat down with Julieanne to talk about her SUPing story and why she jumped on board.

Stand up paddle board fun

Julieanne paddling the Atlantis Incognito II

“I grew up in Carlingford in the suburbs of Sydney, but spent holidays down the South Coast at the family beachfront holiday house. At 18 I moved to Sydney’s Northern Beaches to be closer to the water as I discovered a deep passion for windsurfing. I bought a sailboard first, then had to buy a car and roof racks to carry it. Now I live in Worongary on the Gold Coast,”

With a passion for the ocean Julieanne discovered SUPing when she started working for The Surfboard Warehouse and she speaks quite highly of our boards and staff.

“My first SUP experience was 2 ½ years ago when I borrowed some demo boards and took them down to Currumbin Creek for a few hours with my teenage kids. I loved it from the very first time, and from there I purchased my first board within weeks. The Surfboard Warehouse offer a beautiful range of SUPs & surfboards that are really good quality, with great designs, but at affordable prices. Really nice staff as well! Plus, I feel very strongly about supporting Australian Family Owned business.”

Julieanne’s quiver has now expanded dramatically since her first paddle in 2012 now owning 3 SUPs

10'6 Waterborn Simplicity "A really stable board for visitors and first time paddlers + my kids love it"

11' Atlantis Halo “I love the white rails and the new pink and black checkered pattern deck on the new Atlantis Halo, and the vibrant lighter pink rails and floral logo.”

9'6 Waterborn Illusion - “A gorgeous board and a real head turner with the amazing fabric inlay ”

Julieanne was obviously a keen paddle boarder in her own right. So why did she join the Paddle Board Gold Coast Meet Up Group?

Stand up paddle board group

Gold Coast Stand Up Paddle Board Group Members

“I joined the Paddle Board Gold Coast meet up group because I wanted to meet others that I could paddle with instead of just paddling by myself. I also wanted to have a regular organised event that I could commit to, look forward to and participate in as my special activity each week. It’s a great group, all sharing our passion for stand up paddling, being able to talk about every aspect of SUP and connect in a way that non-SUP people don't understand. The other thing I really like about the group is that we are always trying different and unique locations, under the safe guidance of our group leader and host.”

This group meets regularly to explore the stunning coastline spanning from Southport QLD to Byron Bay in Northern NSW, and all of the lakes and dams in between.

“It is the best way to really see and enjoy some beautiful and amazing locations that we would otherwise not have discovered. I love the fact that each time we paddle, we tick a new waterway off our list as being explored!”

Gold Coast Paddle Group

Gold Coast Paddle Group

With meets happening almost every weekend, there is no better way to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery and meet like-minded crew who share your passion. We’ll see you out on the water.

So whether you are joining an organized group, or just catching up with your friends for a regular day out on the water, Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a brilliant way to get outdoors, get healthy and get social. Get On Board today!

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