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The Surfboard Warehouse Story

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The Surfboard Warehouse Story

A sick dog, a stack of surfboards and one big idea. This is all Tim and Avalon had before they went on to become one of the biggest suppliers of surfboards and stand up paddle boards in Australia. Looking back, there couldn’t be a more fitting business for this sun-worshipping, ocean-wandering couple with saltwater in their veins. Here’s how their story started.

In early 2011 Tim and Avalon were at their wit’s end. Maevin their dog was really sick and they needed cash fast to get her well. They simply couldn’t afford the huge vet bill, but couldn’t face losing their best friend.

After racking their brains, Tim and Avalon decided to have a garage sale and sell a stack of surfboards. They were willing to part with their boards if it meant helping Maevin get the treatment she needed.

So one sunny Gold Coast morning they woke up at the crack of dawn and set up a garage sale, tying the boards to their front fence. The garage sale went crazy and they couldn’t believe how quickly they sold out. It was evident that there was a huge demand for quality surfboards at affordable prices.


After speaking with some customers they realised that many surfers couldn’t afford to buy a brand new board. Tim and Avalon knew how stoked they were when they paddled out on a brand new board and thought everyone deserved to feel this high.

The idea behind The Surfboard Warehouse was born. After a ton of research, Tim and Avalon found a way to supply surfers with good quality, new surfboards, for the price of a decent second-hand one. Now surfers could increase their quiver without sending themselves broke.

The business eventually moved out of the warehouse and opened stores in Palm Beach, Mooloolaba, Miami and Byron Bay, where they still tie the boards out the front. Tim and Avalon also developed their own brands to enable greater flexibility to deliver what surfers want. An online shop was created and now The Surfboard Warehouse ships boards Australia wide.

The business has won a Gold Coast Business Excellence Award two years running and The Surfboard Warehouse family has grown to have more than 30 employees.

Tim and Avalon’s family has also grown. Maevin, who recovered from her sickness, has a little brother Vegas, who is 2 years old and has inherited his parent’s love of the ocean. Together they embrace the surfing lifestyle and bring with it an enthusiasm and passion for innovation, which keeps The Surfboard Warehouse on the forefront of surf craft development.

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