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The true meaning of Boxing Day

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Boxing Day is definitely one of Australia’s favourite holidays. It conjures up images of eating Christmas leftovers, watching the Boxing Day Test, buying up big at the Boxing Day sales or just relaxing and getting out on the water for a SUP or a surf with your family and friends. But, what is the true meaning of Boxing Day? We did a little research and found out.

There are a couple theories, but it’s not what you’re thinking, Boxing Day has nothing to do with actual boxing.

Some say that Boxing Day started in the 1830’s in the United Kingdom. Servants had to work Christmas Day, but were given the next day off and their employers would give them boxed gifts. They would then return home with their gifts and give them to their families as a kind of ‘second Christmas’.

Another theory is that people used to place boxes of gifts in the church to be distributed to the poor on the 26th December.

However, it’s not known as Boxing Day worldwide. In some countries Boxing Day is known as St Stephen’s Day, a religious day to celebrate the life of St Stephen.

Something a little different, in Ireland the 26th of December is often called Wren Day. Children used to kill a wren and take the dead bird door-to-door asking for money for their feathers, as they were believed to bring good luck. Not good luck for the Wren!

Whatever you’re doing today, it’s a day to relax and enjoy the time with your family and be thankful for everything you have. Remember, The Surfboard Warehouse stores are open until 3pm today.

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