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The ultimate board meeting

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If you’ve visited any of our stores lately you may have noticed that the team at The Surfboard Warehouse are always smiling. Perhaps our monthly team meetings have something to do with that.

Boardrooms are boring, so The Surfboard Warehouse team take to the water on a range of Atlantis and Waterborn stand up paddle boards for our monthly catch ups.

The Surfboard Warehouse team paddle

Just after sunrise everyone meets at Tim and Avalon’s house overlooking the beautiful Tallebudgera Creek and we take off for a morning paddle.

Once we hit the Tallebudgera river mouth the real fun begins, everyone’s competitive spirit kicks in and the team puts the sup’s surf riding capabilities to the test.

The Surfboard Warehouse board meeting

The Surfboard Warehouse owners Tim and Avalon know that when it comes to keeping the business running efficiently staff are it’s most valuable asset. They believe team building activities like this help create a super positive workplace.

“To maintain our reputation for outstanding customer service it’s essential that every facet of our operation flows well, having a positive and happy workplace is a big part of that.”

“On the paddle days we take out our whole range of sups, it’s a good way to ensure our staff have first hand experience on all of our boards, it’s so important to know your product,” Tim said.

Team activities like this go a long way to promote a positive workplace by fostering relationships between staff members and increasing creativity and motivation to create a more productive work environment.

Our team look forward to the paddle days and have so much fun out in the water.

“I haven’t worked anywhere before that has their monthly catch-ups in the surf, it’s awesome,” Jarrason (Store Manager, Miami) said.

If you’re looking for a unique way to increase team morale and strengthen relationships within your business stand up paddle days could be the answer.

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