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Top 5 Stand Up Paddle Board Locations On The Gold Coast

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Our staff are often asked for recommendations on where the best locations are on the Gold Coast for a SUP. Here on the coast we are lucky to have miles of waterways that are suitable for SUP riding and there is something on offer from Coolangatta to Coomera and everywhere in-between.

Most locations are tide and wind dependant, but equipped with some basic knowledge you should be able to find an amazing location everyday of the week (if it’s sunny of course).

So here is a list of my favourite all time flatwater locations on the Gold Coast:

5. Kirra

Not somewhere you may normally think about when going for a SUP, but kirra can be a magical location if the conditions are right. Little to no swell and a light southerly wind will create lake-like conditions for your stand up paddle board. There’s lots of parking around the Kirra Surf Club and only a short walk to launch through the small waves. Take a snorkle and paddle to Kirra Reef, you may be lucky enough to see plenty of marine life including turtles. When paddling in the ocean always remember to wear a legrope.

Most tides will be fine, but a high tide will mean a shorter walk to launch your stand up paddle board.

4. Marina Mirage

Although it’s open to most winds, Marina Mirage (north of Surfers Paradise) is an awesome paddle experience. See all the multimillion dollar yachts, glide past Versace, swing through Seaworld and then stop for lunch at one of the many restaurants or grab some fish and chips from the local fish monger. If you’re early enough you can also score some fresh prawns from the trawlers.

3. Sovereign Islands

Do you want to see how the other half live? Go for a paddle through the waterways of Sovereign Island located at the northern end of the Gold Coast. You will be amazed by the size of the homes and the toys they have attached to their jetties. It’s a must do.

If you’re game you could try fishing off your SUP, plenty of nice fish hide in the waterways up there.

Any tide will be ok, but a light wind is a must.

2. Currumbin Creek (pirate ship)

Currumbin Creek will always be on my list as you will find a protected spot in almost all wind conditions. There’s plenty of parking near the pirate ship (north side of Currumbin bridge) and it’s only a short walk to launch your stand up paddle board. It’s also a dog-friendly beach (beach-side of creek only) so bring your pooch and try SUPing with your dog on-board!

I love Currumbin Creek in a strong northerly wind (Spring) as it’s fully protected by the sand dunes.The crystal clear water and protection from the wind makes it an awesome experience. Mid to high tide is the best option as low tide can sometimes expose the sandbars.

1. Tallebudgerra Creek.

Tallebudgera Creek is a 5 minute drive from Currumbin and is generally less crowded. You will often see our staff paddling their Atlantis Halo's or Incognito's getting their morning exercise at Tallebudgerra Creek. There’s lots of parking on the south side (recreation camp) and limited parking on the north Side (behind Burleigh Headland). If the winds are light and the swell is small, try a paddle through the river mouth and around Burleigh Headland.

Waterborn Illusion in Tallebudgerra Creek - As you can see there is no shortage of marine life

We know everyone has their favourite locations, so please feel free to add your own in the messages forum below.

Jarrod - The Surfboard Warehouse

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