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Welcome to the team Beau Young

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For some people surfing is in their blood. It runs through their veins and gives them an energy and vitality that drives them to perform and succeed. They feel most comfortable with a surfboard under their arm and the ocean lapping at their feet. It nourishes their soul.

Beau Young is one of these people.

Beau Young surfing

We are stoked to announce that Beau Young has joined The Surfboard Warehouse as an ambassador and team rider. He’ll be reviewing some of our boards and we will also be working closely with him on board designs.

In case you don’t know already, Beau is the son of world champion longboarder and surf legend Nat Young. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that after starting to surf at the age of 6, he went on to win two world longboard championships and is now a well-respected member of the surfing community.


However, his talents are not limited to the water. He has paved his own way and is an accomplished musician that is just as smooth on a guitar, or with a microphone, as he is cross stepping his way up a longboard. The flow and style he exudes across the deck contributed to his success on the longboarding world tour and he is definitely one of our favourite surfers.

After years of sharing his time between the waves, the stage and shaping his own range of surfboards, this Aussie natural footer will be sharing his vast knowledge and experience with The Surfboard Warehouse team.


Exciting things are in the pipeline. Keep an eye out for Beau’s board reviews, videos and guest blogs, as well as a few secret projects that we’ll keep under wraps for now. So stay tuned!

We are thrilled to be in the midst of such a champion and Beau is just as excited to be on board with The Surfboard Warehouse.

Welcome to the team Beau Young!

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