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What does the 'World Surfing Reserve' mean for the Gold Coast?

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Yesterday a 16km stretch along the Gold Coast was named the World’s 8th Surfing Reserve. The coastline between Burleigh Point and Snapper Rocks was named a World Surfing Reserve ahead of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and an area of Brazil.

The Gold Coast joins the other 7 reserves located in Chile, Malibu California, Baja Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Santa Cruz California and Manly in Sydney.

Being named a ‘World Surfing Reserve’ sounds unbelievable, but what does it mean for the coast and how will it benefit our surf breaks?

Quite simply it means extra protection for our world-renowned surf breaks and the environment that surrounds them. The government, along with the Save the Waves Coalition, has named the area a zone that requires protection, so the surf breaks and surrounding area will continue to exist into the future.

A representative from the Save the Waves Coalition said they will ‘work closely with The City of Gold Coast’s Surf Management Plan Advisory Council to enact the Surf Management Plan to guarantee the long term protection of Gold Coast’s surf resources’.

So what's the Surf Management Plan?

The purpose of the Plan is to recognise the importance of surfing to the city of Gold Coast's lifestyle and economy and to:

  1. contribute to the outcomes of the Ocean Beaches Strategy
  2. define 'surf amenity' as it relates to Gold Coast beaches
  3. communicate and describe local coastal processes, seasonal weather patterns and the legislative framework that shape surf amenity on the Gold Coast
  4. provide a point of reference for future beach management works
  5. gather knowledge relating to surf amenity from key surfing stakeholders through a Surf Management Plan Advisory Committee

City of Gold Coast. 2015. City of Gold Coast. (ONLINE) Available at: (Accessed 17 October 15).

“World Surfing Reserves proactively identifies, designates and preserves outstanding waves, surf zones and their surrounding environments, around the world. The program serves as a global model for preserving wave breaks and their surrounding areas by recognising the positive environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits of waves.” Save the Waves Coalition.

We already know the importance of our awesome surf breaks, but it’s great to be recognised on a world scale.

The Surfboard Warehouse is excited to hear the news and how it will help preserve the area to ensure it is there for our future generations. Congratulations to the team of people who worked hard to make this happen and everyone who supported the bid. Well done!

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