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What is your all-time favourite surf movie?

Posted by The Surfboard Warehouse on

The sun is out now on the Gold Coast, but last week we had some crazy weather. An onslaught of howling winds, torrential rain and cold temperatures. The only thing to do was to curl up on the couch and watch movies.

We asked members of The Surfboard Warehouse team what movies they think embrace surf culture and are a must see for every board rider. What are the most epic surf movies ever made?

This week we whip out the Sony Discmans, Air Jordans, mixed tapes and hyper-colour t-shirts. That’s right, it’s the 90s and Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey and Patrick Swayze star in a classic surf movie set in South California. Point Break.

There’s a lot to love (and laugh at) in this movie. Keanu Reeves is a rookie FBI agent who infiltrates a gang of surfers to investigate a string of bank robberies.

This movie has it all, surfing, insane skydiving, bank robberies, terrible hairstyles, pursuits, Anthony Kiedis, love, hate and friendships forged in the most unlikely of circumstances.

This movie is the real deal and many of the actors carried out their own stunts, Patrick Swayze actually broke 4 ribs surfing and skydived over 55 times.

The one-liners can get a big cheesy, but for the most part this movie is all-time. We’ve also heard rumours that a remake of Point Break is underway and is set to be released in December this year. Will it match up to the original?

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