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What kills your surf stoke?

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We’ve been asking everyone to share their ‘The Surfboard Warehouse’ surf stoke and we’ve received some amazing images. We all love surfing, however, there are times when your stoke is dampened by things you just can’t control.

Stoke killer #1 -No swell

The worst. As surfers we rely on the weather to dictate the surf conditions. At certain times of the year we go through lulls that seem to last forever. Don’t worry, invest in a longboard or SUP so you can still go out when the conditions are tiny.

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Stoke killer #2 -Snapping your favourite board

This one dampens the most enthusiastic stoke. Not only have you broken your favourite board but if the waves are good your surf is also over. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about this one, other grabbing another board as backup.

Stoke killer #3 - Crowded waves

Getting down to your favourite break, the surf report is good and the waves are going to be epic. The first sign is you can’t find a carpark. Then, when you eventually find a park you get to the beach and it’s packed with a million other surfers. Sometimes it’s better to surf mediocre uncrowded waves, at least you’ll get a ride to yourself.

surf, crowded, waves, beach, crowds Image: Luke Marsden, Courier Mail

Stoke killer #4 -Leaving your fins at home

I think everyone has had this happen. You’re in a hurry to get down to the surf, you pack your board, boardies and get on the road, only to realise that when you take your board out of the car you’ve forgotten your fins. Total stoke killer. Back home you go!

Stoke killer #5 -Surf rage

Some people take things far too seriously. Surfing is about fun, good vibes and good times. Don’t ruin it by getting involved in someone’s bad day and participating in surf rage. Ignore them and paddle the other way.

Stoke killer #6 -Bluebottles

These pesky little creatures blow in with a north-easterly and wreak havoc on our beaches. No surfer enjoys a bluebottle sting to the face while duck-diving. It may seem like their lives have no purpose but did you know that they are eaten by a lot of animals, including Loggerhead Turtles, Sunfish and the Blanket Octopus? Not much of a meal!

bluebottle, surfing, surf, waves, beach Image: Daily Telegraph

Stoke killer #7 -Slippery wax

You didn’t have time for a new wax job, or you left your wax at home. Slippery wax is no fun for anyone. You take off on a set wave and slip off the back without even a bottom turn. You bombed it and look like a kook. Lesson – always keep a stash of wax somewhere in your car for these situations!

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