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What size SUP do I need?

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At The Surfboard Warehouse we know that all customers have different needs when buying a stand up paddle board. That’s why we stock such a large range of SUPs in a variety of sizes. Your choice of board is dependent on your size and ability and will have a huge impact on your performance in the water.

When buying a new board customers often ask “what size SUP do I need?” help you understand how to select the right size SUP we’ve broken it down for you.

It’s all about the volume

All of The Surfboard Warehouse SUPs are advertised with their volume and we believe understanding volume will help you make the right decision.

So what is volume?

Volume is the amount of space within the board. Generally, the more volume in a board, the greater the buoyancy.

How to match your ability level with your weight and the volume of the board

On average, 1 litre floats 1 kilogram of weight. To allow you to float, the volume of the board needs to be greater than your body weight. Therefore, most SUP riders will use boards with volume between 130% and 200% of their own body weight.

A basic breakdown of volume to weight ratio is:

Beginner: 200% of your body weight e.g. 60kg = 120L
Intermediate: 170% of your body weight e.g. 60kg = 102L
Expert: 130% of your body weight e.g. 60kg = 78L

The above breakdown is to be used as a guide only and individual’s needs may vary. It’s also fun to experiment with different sized boards; you may even find you have the most fun on a board with a little more volume than you’re used to.

The Surfboard Warehouse staff are surfers with years of experience and are available to help you make the right choice when buying a board. Call 1800 983 227 or drop into one of our stores at Miami, Palm Beach, Mooloolaba or Byron Bay.

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