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Why every surfer needs a longboard in their quiver

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The Surfboard Warehouse has seen a resurgence of longboarding this year, with plenty of logs flying out the doors and making their way to the water. Whether it’s a traditional style Vintage Log or a Performance Log, we believe EVERY surfer needs a longboard in their quiver.

Here’s why.

Ride anything

Big days or small days, longboards perform in a variety of conditions. They are awesome for smaller rolling days on the points, or when you just want to get out in the water and have some fun.

More waves

Get your wave quota up! Longboarders always get more waves, they are effortless to paddle and glide onto the smallest of ripples.

Great family board

With a longer board all your family and friends can join in. Get the kids out on the water together and everyone can have a go, no matter what their skill level.

Great alternate board

Longboards are a great alternative to a shortboard when nursing an injury or if you want a rest from your everyday surfboard. Paddling is easier and getting onto waves is a dream compared to shorter boards. For this reason they're also a great choice for older surfers wanting to transition from their shortboard to something a bit longer and easier to paddle.

Learn new tricks

If you've grown bored of your shortboard, grab a longboard and learn some new tricks. Longboarding is vastly different to riding a shortboard, turning differently, feeling the wave and letting you practice nose-riding, cross-stepping and plenty of other manoeuvres. Master it and you’ll never get off!

Refine your technique

When you surf a longboard you really need to read the waves as you glide and refine your turns. Take these skills back to your shortboard and take your surfing to a whole new level.

Check out our entire range of longboards here.

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