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Why one board is never enough.

Posted by The Surfboard Warehouse on

Is your house being taken over by surfboards? Do your non-surfing friends and family think you have some sort of addiction to buying new boards? Have you started storing boards in unusual places?

Don’t worry, we understand. It’s that quest for the perfect quiver and every surfer knows the feeling. One board is never enough and you’re on the constant search for the next 'favourite' board.

With our EOFY sale now on and a huge number of boards off to new homes, it got us thinking about what makes the perfect quiver.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to the perfect surfboard quiver. It’s very personal. What boards you need (and want) will depend on your size, what waves you’re surfing and your skill level.

However, overall, your boards should suit the waves you are riding. Most surfers would agree, you need a board for small waves, a performance board for when the surf is pumping and a big wave board when the waves are overhead.

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A board for small waves

This is a board that will perform well in 1-3 foot surf. Perhaps it’s a longboard or a fun board like a fish or a spoon. It’s something that is easy to paddle and a surfboard that you can have fun on even when the waves are tiny.

A performance board for pumping waves

It’s great to have a board that you know will perform when the surf picks up. The last thing you want is to be stuck without a board when the conditions are epic.

A big wave board

Depending on your skill level you'll want a board that will work when it’s overhead and barrelling. This board needs to hold the line well and handle bigger conditions.

We asked Tim and Jarrod from The Surfboard Warehouse 'what boards make up your ideal quiver'?

Small waves

Tim – Aquatic Social Scene Vintage Log or Atlantis Halo
Jarrod – Vessel Eco Bean or Aquatic Social Scene Vintage Log

Medium waves

Tim – Vessel Eco Bean or Atlantis Bam Bam
Jarrod – Vessel RPM Performance Fish or Atlantis Vex Profusion Carbon Pro

Overhead waves

Tim – Vessel Gypsea’s Sled or Waterborn Evoke
Jarrod – Vessel RPM Performance Fish

Adding to your quiver can become quite an addiction. It’s fun experimenting with different types of boards and you never know when you'll find that hidden gem.

No matter what your idea of a perfect quiver is, The Surfboard Warehouse has you covered with a wide range of boards in different sizes available.

Lucky for you our EOFY mega sale is now on, head over to our clearance page to get a great deal and add to your collection of boards.

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