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​You know you’re dating a surfer when…

Posted by RH on

There are plenty of good things about dating a surfer, but there are also a few things you might have to get used to.

You know you’re dating a surfer when…

Every holiday destination features a beach and waves. Why would anyone want to holiday somewhere without surf?

You always get told “just one more wave”. Which translates to, “I’ll be in as soon as I get 1 good wave that I’m happy with”.

Their car always smells wet. There’s always a stash of wet towels, wetsuits or boardies hidden in the back of their car and a permanent ‘wet’ smell.

You have to sit in the back of the car, while their board gets the front seat. Priorities!

You find sand everywhere! In the shower, in the car, in bed...everywhere!

You tune out when they talk to their mates about surfing. If you don’t surf, they might as well be talking in a different language.

You’ve been talked into trekking to some remote spot, out in the middle of nowhere, chasing waves. All you wanted was a hot shower and a flushing toilet, and you couldn’t even get that!

A road trip away involves 4 mates and their surfboards. So romantic.

They disappear for hours when the surf is up. Got plans for the weekend? Forget them. If there are waves, don’t expect to see them until the surf drops, or they are too tired to surf anymore. And then they’ll be sleeping.

At some point in time you’ve seen them use a legrope to walk their dog. Who needs a dog lead when you have 5 leg ropes in the back of the car.

They promised to teach you to surf. Then when they finally took you out for a surf, they got bored after half an hour and bailed to have a surf by themselves.

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