Flying Fish Funboard - Eco-Tech

  • Flying Fish Funboard - Eco-Tech
  • Flying Fish Funboard - Eco-Tech
  • Flying Fish Funboard - Eco-Tech


Flying Fish Funboard - Eco-Tech

  • The AQSS Flying Fish is the perfect board to surf in less than perfect conditions.

    Paulownia is a step forward for board construction, offering unparalleled qualities. This special timber is known for its high strength to weight ratio, dimensional stability, hardness, durability & fast regeneration. This is one of the lightest timbers on earth, roughly 40% lighter than many others but has an iconic quality for keeping it’s shape. Paulownia is often referred to as ‘The Tree of the Future’ as one tree can regenerate several times over. This added technology will enhance your ocean going experiences by providing you with a board that is optimised to endure whilst being an eco-friendly solution. 

    The flying fish features a fuller outline along with a beefed up rail which increases maximum stability. These attributes enhance speed and buoyancy along with control to glide into less than ideal wave conditions which in tern give you plenty of time to get to your feet. The Flying Fish in its larger sizes are ideal for the beginner looking for a forgiving shape that will increase your wave count. This model won’t disappoint even the most experienced surfers looking for a small wave fish alternative. 

    The double concave through the tail combined with thruster or quad options provides functionality and is tailorable in a variety of surf conditions or the riders preference. These boards are a must have for any quiver and will have you grinning ear to ear as you fly down the line.

    Best suited for the beginner rider who want a versatile stable platform with added paddle power or experienced rider looking for strength and performance in the smaller sizes.

    Fins not included.


    5'6 21 3/4 2 1/2 34.74L
    5'8 22 2 1/2 36.36L
    5'10 22 1/4 2 4/5 41.47L
    6'0 22 1/2 2 7/8
    6'2 22 1/2
    2 7/8
    6'6 22 3/4 3 49.61L
    6'10 23 3 55.64L


    < 50KG 6'0 5'6 5'6
    50-60KG 6'2 5'6 5'6
    60-70KG 6'2 5'8 5'6
    70-80KG 6'2 5'8 5'8
    80-90KG 6'6 6'0 5'8
    90-100KG 6'6 6'0 6'0
    100-110KG 6'6 6'2 6'0


    CONSTRUCTION EPS Foam / 6oz + Paulownia + 4oz Deck / 6oz + Paulownia + 4oz bottom
    ROCKER Medium entry
    CONCAVE Single to Double
    SKILL LEVEL Beginner - Intermediate
    RAIL TYPE Boxy Rails
    FIN CONFIGURATION 5 Fin Configuration
    Twin Tab
    TAIL TYPE Fish
    CARE INSTRUCTIONS View a copy of our Product Care Manual
    BOARD ADVICE Learn more about Board Types, Construction and Specifications here



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