Mahi Mahi Mini Mal - Clearskin

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  • MAHI MAHI - CLEAR SKIN - MINI MAL - The Surfboard Warehouse Australia
  • Mahi Mahi Mini Mal - Clearskin
  • Mahi Mahi Mini Mal - Clearskin


Mahi Mahi Mini Mal - Clearskin

  • The AQSS Clear Skin Mahi Mahi is a sleek, strong and super stable Mini Mal.

    Designed with performance and progression in mind, the Mahi Mahi features an EPS foam core for maximum buoyancy and paddle power and combines this with a forgiving and timeless outline ideal for surfers of all skill levels.

    The Mahi Mahi is constructed with two solid layers of glass and a modern visually appealing traditional clear resin finish. The bottom contours feature a single concave into a double creating liveliness when ridden from the tail and the ability to nose ride as the surfer progresses their skill level.

    The rounded square tail and forgiving rail shape greatly improve manoeuvrability regardless of the surfers skill level. With the addition of a conventional thruster setup this board is extremely versatile in a variety of wave conditions. These boards offer great specifications and sensational value.

    Best suited for beginners who want a forgiving and stable starter board or intermediate to advanced surfers that want some fun on smaller days.

    Fins not included.


    7'0 21 1/2 2 2/3 45L
    7'6 22 2 3/4 52L
    8'0 22 1/4 2 7/8 58.1L


    < 50KG 7'0 7'0 7'0
    50-60KG 7'0 7'0 7'0
    60-70KG 7'6 7'0 7'0
    70-80KG 7'6 7'6 7'0
    80-90KG 8'0 7'6 7'6
    90-100KG 8'0 8'0 7'6
    100-110KG 8'0 8'0 8'0
    > 110KG  8'0 8'0 8'0


    CONSTRUCTION EPS Foam / 6oz + Bamboo + 6 Oz Deck / 6 + 6oz Bottom
    ROCKER Medium entry
    CONCAVE Single to Double
    SKILL LEVEL Beginner - Beginner/Intermediate
    RAIL TYPE Mid Rails
    FIN CONFIGURATION 3 Fin Thruster Configuration
    Twin Tab
    TAIL TYPE Rounded Square
    CARE INSTRUCTIONS View a copy of our Product Care Manual
    BOARD ADVICE Learn more about Board Types, Construction and Specifications here


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