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Learn to Shape like a Pro

Ever wanted to know how to shape a surfboard? In this quick tutorial, 2x World Champion Beau Young will guide you through the steps necessary to produce a surfboard from a standard foam blank. Learn what tools are required and the tricks of the trade from one of Australia's most talented shapers and surfers.

Beau will pass on his lifetime of surfing knowledge to give you 13 epic episodes of info teaching you -

Steps Description
1 Tools and Equipment
2 Preparing the blank
3 Using a template
4 Rocker and Concave
5 Shaping the Rails
6 Final Touches

Beau's Favourite Models

  • 2019jet3upweb001-08888.1549491985.1280.1280.jpg
    Carbon Jet by Beau Young
  • re-evolution-no-side-bites-77279.1526447925.1280.1280.jpg
    Re-Evolution by Beau Young - Longboard
  • bronze-whaler-web001.jpg

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