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The Surfboard Warehouse has sourced the most reliable, efficient and secure freight company.

We can arrange freight on your behalf at your own expense and at your own risk. Alternatively, we can package your board and you can organise collection by a freight company of your choice.

Our preferred freight company for purchases will provide you with a consignment number to track your order. Every single board is examined and ensured it is defect free before leaving the store. We make sure the fins are also in the box and this is signed off on before shipping the boards.

We take drastic measures to ensure our boards arrive safely at your door. The boards are all heavily bubble wrapped, the rails are wrapped with cardboard along with the tail and nose. The boards are then placed into a solid cardboard box and more bubble wrap off cuts and cardboard is used to reinforce the board. After this process the board is collected at the warehouse.

The Surfboard Warehouse is not liable for any damage that may occur during freight. We take all precautions to ensure our boards are packaged adequately before leaving our warehouse. If your board is damaged in transit by a 3rd party we will not be held liable.

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