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SLAB Technology

In this 10 part video series, we take you behind the scenes of our research and development team involved in board production and design.  Gain an insight into Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Generated Shapes and the analytics that go on behind the scenes in this short video series.

Watch the full series here and gain an insight into the design process behind our boards.

Episode Title
1 Computational Fluid Dynamics Overview (CFD)
2 CFD - Waterborn Evoke
3 CFD- Atlantis Halo
4 CFD - Vessel Zephyr vs Tajen Performance Comparison
5 CFD - Vessel Zephyr vs Delta Performance Comparison
6 CFD - Paddle Performance 
7 CFD - SUP Performance Comparison
8 CFD - SUP Stability Analysis
9 CFD - Analytics of a Surfboard Stall
10 CFD - Zephyr vs Delta Secondary Analysis

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