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Snub Nose - Eco Tech - Funboard

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Product Description

The AQSS Snub Nose Funboard offers the perfect combination of paddle power and manoeuvrability - it's the ultimate all rounder! 

This board's profile is an all-time favourite among our customers and staff, due to its wider outline yet refined tail section. The design characteristic's of the Snub Nose features all the key benefits of a performance longboard, but in a micro form. It paddles with very little effort much like a longboard, yet has the advantage of being able to be thrown around like a shortboard.

The Snub Nose offers a Modern, durable & Eco Friendly construction by utilising a EPS/Epoxy finish, and a robust Paulownia deck. The bottom is finished with a Carbon Fiber netting to increase the shapes overall strength and durability. 

Its the perfect choice for stretching down the line at your favourite points or playing around in a punchy beach break, as the combination of this boards lightweight finish and refined Pin Tail allows you to turn on a dime! Add to that a 4 + 1 fin configuration for a tonne of variation! Each fin option will do its job in creating a new feeling of speed, power and flow. 

If versatility is your thing then check out the Brand New AQSS Snub Nose Funboard. 

Best suited for Beginners to Experienced users who want a flat, fast and extremely versatile funboard!


Length Width Thickness Volume
6'0 21 2 11/16 39.6L
6'6 21 1/2 2 13/16 46.3L
7'0 22 2 14/16 52.2L


Weight Beginner Intermediate Advanced
< 50KG 7'0 6'0 6'0
50-60KG 7'0 6'0 6'0
60-70KG 7'0 6'0 6'0
70-80KG 7'0 6'6 6'0
80-90KG 7'0 6'6 6'6
90-100KG N/A 6'6 6'6
100-110KG N/A 7'0 6'6
> 110KG  N/A 7'0 7'0


Specification Description
Construction EPS Foam / 4oz  + Paulownia deck / 4oz + Cross Net Carbon Bottom 
Rocker Low entry
Concave Single to Double
Skill Level Beginner - Experienced
Rail Type Soft 40/60
Fin Configuration 4+1 Fin Configuration
Box Single + Twin Tab
Complimentary Fins 2+1 TSBW Starter Fin Set
Tail Type Rounded Pin
Care Instructions View a copy of our Product Care Manual
Board Advice Learn more about Board Types, Construction and Specifications here

Product Reviews

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  1. Very fast and flippy

    Posted by JT on 31st Jan 2020

    Bought the 6' version which was ambitious for an 85kg over 60. Struggled with the board as i found it to be like a radical skateboard. Have persisted with it and recently found some fast head high plus clean surfcoast long lines and this thing just took off. I was stunned and started banking beautiful controlled turns. I can see its a great board and paddles into waves well too. Starting to see real promise with this one. I run it with quad fins from SW


    Posted by Tom V on 6th Jul 2019

    Overall it looks nice and feels very solid. ITS GOES HOW YOU ARE HOPING IT WILL. Smaller surf is suddenly really fun, you want to turn in the pocket and ride the nose? BAM! It might catch you off guard just how loose and skatey and easy to turn that it actually is. The only tradeoff, due to its flat rocker, is there is a bit of an art in steep drop ins, as you can easily pearl it.

  3. Snub Nose

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2018

    Im 86kg , 60 years old & an average surfer. I bought a 6'6" Snub Nose. I am riding it with 8" single fin with side bites. This board is so much fun, easy to paddle, stable & turns so easily. Definitely a board you need in your quiver.

  4. such a fun board, im loving it.

    Posted by niki barr on 14th Jul 2018

    Was looking for a minimal to add to my quiver for those small lazy summer days, and I've found it. The Snub Nose paddle's like a long board, slips nice and easy into the wave, yet handles like a short board. I have been riding it with the fin supplied, (just single fin) and its hanging loose like the old single fin I used to have back in those older days.
    I weigh 60kgs and the 6'6" just handles perfect. I'm an intermediate surfer.

  5. Does what it says

    Posted by Phil on 28th Mar 2018

    Purchased 6': I'm 6'1" & 80kgs, intermediate surfer (VIC). I typically ride 6'5" quad, 6' 4" fish, 9'6" log or 7'6" mini mal. I wanted a board that would fit between my fish & mini mal. Something that paddles easily, gets into flat / full waves / smaller waves / duck dives easily yet still delivers some performance. After 4 surfs in waves 2' - 4' feet (messy to glassy conditions) I am happy to report 6' Snub Nose does all of these for me.
    I have ridden only as a quad (futures fins) and so far happy with its straight down the line speed & looseness. Looking forward to trying some other fin combos. Finish of the board is very good.

  6. Goes like a rocket and holds a great line

    Posted by Matt McCourt on 26th Mar 2018

    I've been surfing since I was 5 years old however I've been out of the water the past 12 months so I wanted something that will get my sea legs back without making a complete kook of myself. The Snub Nose holds good lines, paddles very easily in to waves and albeit slightly a little heavier than expected with a flat rocker this was not noticeable when paddling in to waves. Awesome all rounder and love it! Shipping came in 2 days from purchase to Bondi Beach. Just make sure you're home for delivery otherwise you're out to LIVERPOOL for the depot...Forget about it!
    Overall awesome board, great customer service and fast delivery with no worries!

  7. Yew!

    Posted by Rich on 26th Oct 2017

    You can paddle this board onto ripples and it goes like a rocket on the face. Super fun board for those progressing from a beginner board to those of us who want something different in the quiver!

  8. Awesome Board, Loads of Fun.

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Dec 2016

    So if like me you have had the tab open in your browser for a few weeks wondering if it is the right choice I say go. I had previously ridden a micro mal single fin and had a blast on a 7ft but was wanting something shorter for myself, so I ordered the 6'6 assuming that it would be ok for the smaller days but not so big as to be a pain to transport. This is to compliment my 6'0 shortboard which was struggling with the summer waves.
    It fits exactly that bill, I am 6'2 and about 85kg, board works a charm, it feels shorter than I was expecting and has great paddle power and plenty of foam for those smaller days, but, it performs much better in the good days than I was expecting, I have taken it out in head high and it takes of great, drives super well and turns ok. Main thing is, it is a ton of fun.
    The board build was much better than I was expecting and having it set up with only a single fin is giving that good mal feeling without all of the hassle of the length.
    So all in all, super pumped, works a treat in the Surf Coast areas style of waves and is fun as hell on those days where the shortboard would be frustrating due to a lack of size/power/push.
    So overall I recommend it highly, better quality than expected for the price and definitely a wave hog when the conditions are small and clean but also can step up to lightly larger 3ft and maybe 3ft+ (will test it when the surf comes back)


    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Nov 2016

    Bought the 7.0 model (I'm 85kg) for really small days, but I've been surprised how versatile it is. Because of the extra volume have been having long rides on crumbly 1ft mush as well as nice fast 3-4ft faces where the pin-tail helps carve and the slightly cambered rails bite well. Favourite thing to do is take off from the direction of the breaking face of the wave and do a big fading turn back onto the glassy part of the wave. The fat nose really lets you use the total surface area of the board. It is definitely the one board I have in the car if I don't know what the surf is doing. I've been able to duck dive it rather than do the log roll. Can see the extra layer of glass in high-stress areas and have had no compression dings at all. The fin options of the board means I can change how it rides too. Increased wave count because of this board!
    Customer service always great. Arrived in NSW from QLD within 2 days. Packaging very thorough and no chance of the board copping any damage in transit.

  10. Fun board!

    Posted by Michael on 23rd Oct 2016

    I was sceptical about the performance of this board. I've ridden 9 foot performance mal for 15 years. I've tried getting back to shortboards a few times, but never enjoyed it. This board is truly a fountain of youth. I loved the Snub Nose from the first wave. Paddles surprisingly well for a 6 footer and catches any wave you look at. So much fun to literally throw around. I'm 50 years old, but I feel like I'm a teenager again. Don't delay, just get one!

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