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Rabbit Tales


Rabbit Tales - Episode 1

Stuck at home? Feeling isolated? Practising your social distancing but desperate for a sense of connection, a dose of surf stoke and a good laugh?

Then, pull up a pew, gather round and let Uncle Bugs transport you to a world of uncrowded Gold Coast pointbreaks, sparring for the wave of the day with Michael Peterson and Peter Townend, or duking it out for glory on the fledgling pro tour against Mark Richards and Shaun Tompson.

Joined by award-winning writer and co-author of his best-selling biography Bustin’ Down The Door, Tim Baker, Rabbit Tales will delight and inspire surfers of all ages.




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  • Sub Moonfish by NEV

    Introducing the New Future shapes Sub Moon Fish. ` Nev has designed the Sub Moon Fish to cater to all walks of life from rippers, beginners to the ultimate hipsters who want to lay down drop wallet laybacks...

  • Retro Rocket by NEV

    Nev is proud to introduce the updated and improved Retro Rocket! This model originated in 1990 and was designed for Danny Wills, Guy Walker and a bunch of other pro surfers. The idea was to make a shorter, slightly wider...

  • RipAble by NEV

    The Ripable is identical to the boards Nev designed at Firewire for Michel Bourez and Stu Kennedy in 2012 and 2013. This high performance shortboard is reserved for the more experienced surfer wanting a board to match and...

  • Nevamind by NEV

    Are you scared? Nevamind… The Nevamind deals with the dilemma of charging serious stacked sets and mutant slabs. This board is intended to increase your confidence levels in waves and conditions outside...

  • Funshape by NEV

    The original NEV Funshape was inspired by the boards Billabong founder Gordon Merchant used to shape and surf at QLD’s Burleigh Heads in the 1970’s. His boards had a sweet elliptical outline, foiled...

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